Chapter 1767 - Untitled

Chapter 1767: Untitled

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“Hmm?” Bo Yin raised his eyebrows. He didn’t say anything. Even though he was a vampire, Mr. Bo still gave a hungry expression.

His acting skill was outstanding.

Lou Luo looked at his face. She took some noodles and raised her chopsticks higher.

Bo Yin smiled. He lowered his head and ate the noodles.

The two of them shared a bowl of noodles.

It was snowing lightly outside. The night seemed more beautiful.

Her friends’ messages were still lying in Lou Luo’s phone.

She was telling them that this person never introduced his friends to her.

But, currently, in Lou Luo’s vision, all she could see was the scenery outside the floor-to-ceiling window.

She wanted to find time to have a proper chat with him, but she was always busy at work.

At night, there weren’t many moments where she could think.

The culprit was this person beside her. He liked to watch her from behind when she was cooking.

Lou Luo didn’t know if other people’s younger partners would do this.

Her boyfriend was very clingy and bossy.

She realized that he was bossy because someone sent a message to her on WeChat.

This person was none other than Lou Luo’s ex-boyfriend.

This message was enough to make Bo Yin’s gaze darkened. Even though her ex-boyfriend was talking to her about work.

Lou Luo always separated her work and private life. Thus, she went out to meet her ex-boyfriend.

When they met, there were other people too.

The person was fine when she went out.

What she didn’t expect was, the moment she finished the meeting and came out he was there.

Maybe it was because Halloween was here. Even the streets were decorated with Halloween items.

Pumpkin lanterns could be found everywhere. Some people were wearing a pair of elf ears while others were wearing masks.

Only the young man was holding a black umbrella in the light snow with his jacket floating in the wind.

He stood out among the crowd.

Lou Luo’s gaze landed on him when she saw him standing there.

The person standing beside Lou Luo frowned. Then, he said, “Let’s go and look for Boss Lee to talk about venture capital.”

Lou Luo didn’t open her mouth. She just watched the man as he raised his head and looked intently at her.

Lou Luo tilted her body. “It’s alright. I will go with my secretary another day.”

After she finished speaking, she walked towards Bo Yin.

This time, he didn’t wait for her. When he saw her coming over, he turned and walked away.

Lou Luo followed behind him. She knew that he was throwing a tantrum.

She was wearing a beige professional attire and a coat. Thus, she was definitely wearing heels.

Lou Luo’s beauty had a businesswoman aura to it. It was different from the other passers-by.

She followed him for some distance. Her voice was calm as she said, “Are you planning to continue walking like this? I can’t catch up with you.”

Bo Yin turned around. Because of the color of his skin, people would always link the word ‘devil’ with him.

He stood there and stared at her. Then, he started speaking as though he was saying a fact, “I waited very long for you but you didn’t come back.”

Lou Luo paused for a second. She walked over and held his hand. It was cold. “I sent you a message. I said that I’m having a meeting so I will be eating outside.”

“What is there to meet with that group of people? Today is Halloween, but you’re not spending it with me.” He started sounding a little rebellious. “I haven’t eaten. From the moment I opened my eyes, I have been waiting for you.”

Lou Luo thought for a second before asking, “What do you want to eat?”

“I’m not hungry.”

He was sulking.

Lou Luo looked at the person’s side profile. He was still walking forward, but this time, his strides were smaller.

He was being considerate.

Lou Luo’s heart softened. She coaxed him, “Don’t be angry. I’ll compensate you.”

The person stopped and looked down at her. “How will you compensate me?”