Chapter 1768 - Compensation In The Car

Chapter 1768: Compensation In The Car

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Compensation? Lou Luo pondered for a moment and said, “Which car in the garage do you like?”

She asked other people for their opinions. They were in this kind of relationship so if she didn’t give him anything in return, he might think that she was a stingy sugar mommy.

But, this time, she really didn’t expect him to feel so miserable.

He could have entered the place directly but he waited outside. It was probably because she told him not to appear when she was working.

She wasn’t a youngster. She didn’t think that festivals from abroad were really important.

Halloween was a business opportunity. It was a good time to hold events and promotions. Hence, she felt that he acted this way because of their generation gap.

After Lou Luo finished speaking, Lou Luo suddenly smiled. “Which car do I like?”

“Yes. Pick a car. You can drive it out in the future.” Lou Luo looked at him.

Bo Yin raised his hand and placed her long hair behind her ear. An evil smile appeared at the edge of his lips. There was no warmth in his eyes. Instead, it was slightly red.

He seldom had any real emotions. After all, he had lived for a long time. It had been so long he didn’t care about anything.

Her disappearance was an exception. That time, he was a little angry.

He leaned towards her and his smile got wider. “Alright, I will choose a car. I want a bigger one.”

Thus, half an hour later.

Lou Luo was pushed against the car seat. She didn’t have any chance to push him away.

When his breath landed on her, it felt so soft that her backbone became numb.

Lou Luo froze for a moment when his cold hands slid under her clothes. The only thing she could feel now was the kiss he landed on her neck.

“Don’t do it here.” Lou Luo was panting heavily. Her attire was in a mess. It allowed her neck to appear even fairer and brighter. She had a beautiful swan neck. At a moment like this, it was enough to make people commit a crime.

She pressed his hand down, but there wasn’t much strength in them.

That was because he had carried her up and placed her on his body. There was no gap between them. The car was quite spacious so it was convenient for him to do anything.

Also, his slightly hoarse voice could be heard. “Weren’t you the one who asked me to choose a car?”

Lou Luo’s breathing got heavier. Her face turned red. She didn’t say anything. She knew that the moment she opened her mouth, she would stutter.

The heat and force from the man caused her mind to turn empty.

This was her personal garage. No one would come in. Even if the seat kept shaking, no one would see it.

But, even so, at this location, they could still hear some noises. This exclusive feeling of doing something forbidden made Lou Luo lean on the person behind her. This was the only thing she could do.

When the numbness surged through her entire body, Lou Luo could feel that he was a little angry, especially when he said this sentence.

“Give me this car.” The man’s voice was just beside her ear. It was enchanting and deep. “I like eating you in the car.”

Lou Luo’s long hair landed beside his hand. Their clothes were all in a mess.

He kissed the back of her ear. Then, he started the second round without giving her any chance to reject him.

When he was overbearing, he didn’t seem like a little puppy at all.

Lou Luo didn’t know when she woke up. She only remembered that she was in the car when she opened her eyes.

He was still inside her. He lowered his gaze and looked at her while chuckling. He seemed to be whining as he said, “It looks like I went too far. But, what can I do? I really want to eat you.”