Chapter 1769 - Bring You To See My Male Idol

Chapter 1769: Bring You To See My Male Idol

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It sounded really close to her ear. The voice was deep and hoarse. It was extremely sexy.

Lou Luo wondered if all young men were like this.

Every single word was able to melt into her heart. It was so direct that there was no way she could reject him.

It was impossible for the temperature in the car to drop.

The feeling of their bodies intertwining lingered in her mind. He carried her back and placed her on the bed. Then, he bent down and kissed her lightly. Lou Luo felt that this was a dream she didn’t want to wake up from.

His actions this time allowed Lou Luo to understand one thing. He didn’t like it when she talked about materialistic gifts.

Lou Luo couldn’t understand.

The next day, she even asked her friends specially.

She only got one reply.

“There are two possibilities. First, he’s very scheming. What’s the worth of a car? From the economic point of view, he will be able to get more things if he continues his relationship with you. In that case, this man is a smart person with a clear mind. The second explanation is he likes you too much. He likes you, but you are talking to him about money. Seriously, you… Wait, he isn’t happy when you talk to him about money?”

Lou Luo replied, “Yes.” Then, she kept quiet.

She decided to communicate directly with Bo Qin.

She sent him a message.

‘Are you unhappy that I gave you a car?’

His reply came quickly. ‘Before I understood its use, I was a little unhappy. Boss Lou, you can’t always treat me like a pet. I’m your boyfriend.’

Lou Luo contemplated for some time before typing, ‘Anything else?’

‘Anything else?’ Bo Yin was lying on the bed. He lifted his hand and tried to catch the sunlight that shone in through the gaps of the curtain. He was frowning furiously. Without her around, the sunlight had gotten more irritating.

Lou Luo held her pen and signed a document. Then, she replied, ‘Anything else you don’t like.’

“There are many things I don’t like.” Bo Yin sent a voice message over. He purposely lowered his voice so that he sounded like someone who got abandoned. “You went to eat with another man and left me alone at home to wait for you. I don’t even feel like sleeping.”

Lou Luo stopped what she was doing. ‘This is my work. I can’t prevent it.’

As expected, she still gave this reply.

Bo Yin continued in a casual tone, “You watched other people play games for an hour.”

This was indeed Lou Luo’s fault. After she got to know the silver-hair youngster, she kept searching for her competition videos to watch.

In the past, she didn’t like computer games. However, after knowing Spade Z and after watching Spade Z fighting with three opponents alone every time, Lou Luo would feel like crying. She didn’t know why she felt this way.

Spade Z was really handsome when she played games, but he was cute at the same time. He was like a little tiger.

She wondered if it was her illusion.

“You even gave gifts to Spade Z’s through the livestream account.” Bo Yin sounded even more nonchalant now. “Spade Z wasn’t even streaming.”

Lou Luo chuckled. ‘You get jealous easily.’

“Jealous? Of who? I won’t be jealous of Spade Z.” Bo Yin glanced at the pillow in the living room when he was speaking. His gaze was calm and composed. “If you want a pillow in the future, I can take a photo of myself and make it into a pillow for you to hug.”

Before Lou Luo could reply.

“Forget it, I think you should take a photo and make it into a pillow for me to hug.” Bo Yin’s gaze got more and more intense. In the end, he furrowed his brows viciously and changed his position. His voice was mesmerizing. “I don’t feel like speaking when you’re not around.”

Lou Luo’s fair fingers stopped moving in mid-air. She consoled him softly, ‘I will go back earlier today.’

“You’re so obedient.” Bo Yin smiled. Instantly, his surroundings turned lively and full of vigor. “I will bring you to Milan to meet your little idol tomorrow.”