Chapter 177 - Lord Jiu’s “Great Auntie”

Chapter 177: Lord Jiu’s “Great Auntie”

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Great auntie…

Why today?

Fu Jiu looked at her pajamas, which had blood stains on them. Her eyes darkened. She took them off right away, quickly washing her body with hot water.

Her belly was finally warm, but she couldn’t find any protective liners, so she simply put a soft layer of tissues on her panties as an alternative.

It’s just that… she wasn’t sure if there was blood on the sheets as well.

Fu Jiu’s lips turned pale, and she looked at herself in the mirror. She frowned; this was the worst timing for her period ever.

Luckily, it didn’t come when that god was tutoring her physics. Otherwise, she would have been caught red-handed, literally.

But the color of her face would cause people to feel suspicious, so Fu Jiu pulled out all the skin care products and picked up a male lip balm. She dabbed a little on her lips, so that she wouldn’t look too pale.

At this time, Qin Mo woke up from the noise in the bathroom, and he opened those cool, deep eyes. After snatching the covers off, he narrowed his eyes. Is this blood?

In the restroom, Fu Jiu looked at her long legs, wiped the side of her legs with tissues, put on her long school pants, and glanced at the garbage in the trash can. Since she didn’t know whether or not she got blood on the sheets, she should just brazenly make this issue bigger.

With this in mind, Fu Jiu twisted a tissue into a little plug and stuffed it into her nose. After she felt that it looked good enough, she walked out of the bathroom.

Right after she walked out, she saw that the man was staring at the dirty sheets with his deep eyes. His face looked very dangerous.

Fu Jiu walked over naturally and yawned lazily, “Brother Mo, I got a nosebleed. Did it get on your clothes?”

Qin Mo turned around and looked at the young man’s messy silver hair. On that innocent face, there was a little plug of tissue in his nose. He dragged her over with his eyebrows knitted. “How did you get a nosebleed?”

She wasn’t sure if it was because he had just woken up, but his low and deep voice sounded soft and gentle.

Fu Jiu noticed the concern in his voice, and her lips twitched, “Perhaps it’s the gaming contest and the body heat. Plus, the weather hasn’t been good recently. The smog has been quite heavy, so I got a nosebleed. There was so much blood, and it was very difficult to stop. I was worried that you would think it’s dirty.”

One had to admit that our Lord Jiu’s face had a strong killing power. She could fake anything.

“You are my little brother,” Qin Mo sounded sullen, and he extended his hand and put it on the back of Fu Jiu’s head. He looked like he was going to stop her nosebleed all by himself.

Fu Jiu raised her hand up and blocked his eyes. This was not funny. If that god took a careful look, he would find out that she was faking it. The Almighty wasn’t a man to be messed with, and she knew that better than anyone else.

“Don’t look, it’s dirty. It stopped bleeding already.” Fu Jiu covered her nose up and smiled lightly, “Brother Mo, don’t worry.”

Qin Mo listened to the young man’s girly voice, and he suddenly felt that he hadn’t been a good enough big brother.

He said he would take good care of “him,” and now this happened…

Fu Jiu didn’t know what this god was thinking, but no matter what, she had overcome the issue concerning the nosebleed with her explanation.

But she still needed to keep her distance from this god for three days. Her constitution was susceptible to the cold, so during her period, moving around wasn’t very convenient for her.

Right now, for example, her belly was still hurting. It looked like she needed to ask for a leave from school this afternoon. She only hoped this issue would be over by the day of the physics exam…

[0] Slang for Menstrual Period