Chapter 1770 - Untitled

Chapter 1770: Untitled

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‘Tomorrow?’ Lou Luo looked at her schedule for the next two days. She circled one meeting with her pen and asked, ‘There’s still around four days before the National League, right?’

Bo Yin stood up and pulled the curtains. “There’s an internal fan meeting.”

Lou Luo raised her eyebrows. She didn’t ask him how he knew about it. It looked like she still needed to learn how to chase her idol properly.

But, the team didn’t reveal any information about their members. This meant that they didn’t want anyone to know about their schedule.

Her secretary told her before.

Normally, before a competition, the esports players would feel very stressed.

This time, they were participating in the National League.

Most of the time, some information was released after the team members landed.

An internal fan meeting?

Lou Luo couldn’t find this piece of information online at all. Maybe it was some fake news he bought from some scalper.

There was no harm in going to Milan a day earlier.

Indeed, she wanted to meet that youngster and see what she looks like in real life.

Lou Luo never had this feeling before.

28th of October.

This was the day China esports fans were anticipating.

The official site announced that all the members of their team had reached Milan. They even published their airport photos.

Unfortunately, no one was informed beforehand. If not, they could have gone there to see them in person.

‘As always, I admire the students studying abroad.’

‘There’s only a back view of my Big Spade. I can’t even see her face.’

‘They must be having jet lag. That’s why they didn’t want fans to wait for them at the airport.’

‘Esports competition doesn’t need airport pick up. Everyone, please remain logical.’

After all, the environment was different.

Other people felt alright, but Zhao Sanpang laid on the hotel bed weakly the moment he arrived. He told everyone to call him only when they were eating. He wasn’t interested in nature or taking a stroll.

“We have an event. An internal fan meeting.” Bo Jiu patted his shoulder. “Are you sure you don’t want to showcase your handsomeness?”

Zhao Sanpang waved his hands. “I can’t handle it this time. Give Scheming Qin the chance.”

Qin Mo was standing at the side. His side profile was extremely elegant. He didn’t seem to have heard what Zhao Sanpang said, but before he left, he reminded the doctor, “Almighty Pang can only eat porridge now. There’s no need to inform him if we’re having a dinner party. Also, supervise him properly. Don’t let him snack.”

“Of course.” Their private doctor pushed his glasses with his fingers.

Zhao Sanpang: … What the hell! He was still planning to cook one instant noodle from his luggage to cure his craving. This Scheming Qin was cutting off his path of retreat!

At 5 pm.

The sunset in Milan was beautiful.

Below the European-style buildings, beside the hotel’s fountain, you could see white pigeons flying in the air. This was the epitome of laziness.

The National League was happening soon.

Hence, they had already started preparing the arena.

Fans were slowly coming in. Some were taking photos.

Today, all the teams were having an internal fan meeting after their interviews.

The China team wasn’t an exception, but they didn’t post the news officially and they were overseas. Thus, not many people would come.

Most of the fans went to the CST competition zone on the left-hand side.

After all, to them, the China team wasn’t a threat. With them representing Asia, it was equivalent to giving their CST teams a chance to win.

Based on China’s past records, they weren’t CST team’s match. Hence, there was no need to know who the members of the China team were.