Chapter 1771 - A Meeting

Chapter 1771: A Meeting

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There were only a few fans coming to see the China team. They had stickers on their faces.

Even so, it didn’t affect the excitement on their faces.

Slowly, more people started arriving.

Some people in front even covered their lips with their hands.

The music that belonged to the hero’s game was heard.

The huge screen started showcasing the different battle teams that qualify for this competition. It was like a warm-up.

The stage was almost completed.

Everything she saw was new to Lou Luo.

After all, she didn’t even follow celebrities normally.

It was rarer for her to walk together with a group of youngsters, which was what she was doing now.

There were no stickers on her face.

After more people arrived, she stood in the queue.

She was wearing her professional attire. Her gaze was calm but she didn’t give a distant feeling.

Many fans of the China team started looking at her.

Most of the fans here were students studying abroad. They were mostly young people.

Thus, Lou Luo stood out.

The person that stood out, even more, was the man holding a black umbrella standing beside her.

He was smiling and seemed to be in deep thoughts.

Why was he holding an umbrella at this time of the day?

After a while, he walked over. He seemed to have gone to buy some things.

The two young ladies queuing with Lou Luo finally opened their mouths and asked, “Sister, are you accompanying your boyfriend to watch the competition?”

They felt that the handsome man should be the one who liked esports. This lady was just accompanying her boyfriend. Based on their aura, that man looked more like someone who liked to play games.

Lou Luo laughed softly. “He’s the one accompanying me.’

“Sister, you don’t look like an esports fan at all!” The young ladies looked at each other in surprise.

Lou Luo confessed, “I just started watching recently. I came to see Z this time.”

Instantly, the two young ladies got even more excited. “Family!”

Lou Luo raised her eyebrows. Her businesswoman aura was still present.

“Sister, we are fans of Spade too.” One of the young ladies smiled. “I’m a girlfriend fan.”

The other young lady coughed. “You can continue speaking if you’re not afraid of Almighty Qin beating you to death.”

“I notice that more and more older sisters are starting to like my Big Spade. I’m so happy.”

Lou Luo smiled when she heard the two youngsters’ conversation.

As the queue started moving, because of her height, from her angle Lou Luo was able to see the scene in front.

There were around eight youngsters sitting behind the long table. They were wearing black and red team jackets. Some were drinking water while others were smiling gently.

One of them had a handsome side profile. Under the light, his jawline was filled with vigor and his hair flowed down and covered his ears. His hair wasn’t silver. It was black, the hair color most Asians had.

Among all the members, this youngster signed the slowest.

Someone beside him laughed and teased, “Your hand speed is used for playing games.”

“Unlike Senior Lin Feng who uses his hand speed for masturbation.” The youngster leaned sideways and gave the person an evil glare. “Sigh, the sorrow of a submissive Lin.”

Lin Feng: … If he whacked this person, would he be able to leave this place alive?

“Just sign properly. Why are you saying such ambiguous things!” Lin Feng was furious. “Take care of your image. Other people might hear you.”

Bo Jiu swung her hand. “This is even more tiring than completing senior high again. We should have a seal.”

“If you continue speaking, fans will leave you,” Lin Feng reminded her.

Bo Jiu smiled. “The people queuing are even more tired. I understand. I’m just lazy.”

“It’s rare to find someone who’s so blatantly lazy.” Lin Feng cupped his fists. “You have my admiration.”

This was how they teased one another during the fan signing event.

After that, Bo Jiu put down the bottle of mineral water and looked down. She continued signing…