Chapter 1772 - A Stunned Bo Jiu

Chapter 1772: A Stunned Bo Jiu

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Suddenly, a voice sounded beside her ears along with a faint fragrance of lotus.

“Can you help me sign here too?”

At first, Bo Jiu didn’t notice the person’s appearance. She just felt that the smell was very familiar.

It was so familiar she was stunned for a moment.

Then, Bo Jiu saw the professional attire inches away from her. She smiled and raised her head. Just as she wanted to open her mouth, she saw the face that she didn’t even dare to dream of.

She would only remember the face occasionally when she saw her keyboard.

There was a lady that always made the best long beans and meat buns for her. When she was very young, the lady would hug her in her arms and signed with one hand. She would hold her hand and help her to press the first alphabet on the keyboard.

Then, within a single night, all these disappeared. Only the stone tablet at the back of the mountain was left.

When someone was very important to you, you wouldn’t be able to accept their passing.

Bo Jiu hated happy festivals for a period of time. Without her, it was extremely cold in winter.

As the young lord of a hacker family Bo Jiu was logical ever since she was a child.

This logical side was hidden under her naughty appearance.

Only when you accepted the passing of the person most important to you could you become independent.

She did think about this before, but when the wish in the depth of her heart suddenly came true.

For the first time in her life Bo Jiu was in a daze in front of a crowd.

She acted like an idiot. Her laziness, her ostentatiousness, and her arrogance seemed to be put on pause in that instant.

All the sounds around her started subsiding. She wasn’t able to gather her thoughts together.

By the time she regained her senses.

Bo Jiu had already jumped up abruptly. Her black hair was a little curled at the end because of the long hours of signing. But, it didn’t affect her handsomeness at all.

Zhao Sanpang, who was sitting beside her, turned his face. “Little Spade, what’s the matter? Have you come back to life?”

This person was too lazy to even sign properly. Why did she stand up suddenly?

Zhao Sanpang followed Bo Jiu’s gaze. He instinctively whistled and said, “Oh my god, what a beauty! It’s a lady boss too!”


Bo Jiu hit the back of his head immediately. She finally managed to find her voice. “Be polite.”

“I just called her a beauty. What is impolite about that?” Zhao Sanpang glared at her. “Was it polite for you to stare at her in a daze? Also, Little Spade, your fans might have good looks but you can’t touch my hairstyle. Do you understand that?”

Bo Jiu didn’t look at him. She didn’t shift her gaze.

Lou Luo looked at the youngster whose black hair was still curled up. For some reason, she wanted to stretch her hand out and touch the youngster’s head. She felt that the youngster looked really obedient like a little tiger. But, she was worried that she would take up too much time. There were still people queuing behind her.

Lou Luo didn’t stop for long. But, the businesswoman aura around her remained as she gave off a cold and elegant beauty. She pushed the pillow forward and asked, “Can you sign it for me? Or is it not allowed?”

Bo Jiu was very smart. She immediately realized something was amiss.

She was too young. She looked exactly the same as the day she left.

No matter how you maintain your appearance, you can’t achieve this effect. Did she just look similar to the person in her mind?

But, if they were just similar. Why was her fashion sense, the way she spoke, and her voice the same as well?

Bo Jiu was born from the darkness. She wouldn’t just believe what she saw. Until she saw the figure holding the black umbrella in the crowd.