Chapter 1773

Chapter 1773: Untitled

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That person looked exactly like the moment he left. There wasn’t any difference. He was wearing a black jacket and there was a small smile on his face. His pupils were extremely black and he gave off a lazy and freeloader aura.

No one had such an aura beside her dad. The only person that knew her past, Kawang, didn’t have the ability to disguise as her father either.

A part of her guess got confirmed.

They didn’t grow old. Their skin condition didn’t even change.

At this moment, the reason wasn’t important anymore. The most important thing was, they were still around.

Bo Jiu remembered her past.

When she raised her head and looked at the unfamiliar gaze.

She quickly realized one thing. Her boss mom seemed to have forgotten about her. That was why her father used this method to bring her here.

Lou Luo seemed to be verifying Bo Jiu’s thoughts as she smiled and said, “It looks like this is additional work.”

“No.” Bo Jiu arranged her thoughts and slowly smiled. “I was just in a daze. Mom, where did you ask me to sign? This pillow?”

Lou Luo was a successful businesswoman, but when she heard the word ‘mom’, her fair fingers froze for a second.

You could imagine the other fans behind her gasping in surprise.

“Mom?” Zhao Sanpang raised his hand and wanted to hit Bo Jiu’s head too. “Little Spade, are you stupid?”

Bo Jiu reacted quickly and blocked his hand. She didn’t notice what she was saying when she called her mother just now. When she saw the astounded expressions of her fans behind, she opened her mouth and said nonchalantly with a slightly evil tone, “I have many moms and older sister fans. My fans are my second parents. What’s wrong with calling her mom?”

The corners of Zhao Sanpang’s lips twitched a little when he heard this.

Was this something Spade Z would say? Was she someone with this personality?

If she was someone who cared about her fans more than the competition, the Supreme Alliance would have lost a long time ago.

What was the most important thing a professional player should do? You must know this clearly in order to continue this path.

If you lose, everything is an excuse. If you win, your past would become history. What you needed to do was to continue winning the next competition.

Entrusting your dream to someone else was a dangerous thing.

Fighting for their belief. This was enough…

You needed to thank everyone who supported you, but you should know that you managed to come this far because of your teammates and your respect towards your opponents.

Now, what was happening!? Had she started learning how to sweet talk her fans?

Zhao Sanpang shook his head. “Brother, seriously. Your skin is so thick I can’t enlighten you. This is considered slapping your own face?”

A faint smile appeared at the corner of Lou Luo’s lips.

This youngster was different from how she imagined.

When she was playing the game, she looked devilish and arrogant. She looked like someone hard to talk to.

Lou Luo learned many things about this youngster from her assistant. She knew that in the past. someone reprimanded this youngster for not treasuring her true fans.

The youngster replied, “I’m very thankful that you support me but that doesn’t mean I have to call you father. I’m a professional player, not a professional talker.”

This was probably why Zhao Sanpang said that she was slapping her own face.

Lou Luo didn’t know what other people thought. She just felt that the youngster was being naughty.

However, she couldn’t guess why the youngster suddenly called her mom either.