Chapter 1774 - Qin Mo Appeared

Chapter 1774: Qin Mo Appeared

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Just as Lou Luo was thinking about this, the youngster said, “Mom, I’ve finished signing. Do you need me to do anything else?”

Her eyes were beautiful. There was a mole at the edge of her eye. Once her devilish aura subsided, she looked a little cute.

Zhao Sanpang felt like vomiting. He seemed especially frustrated. He couldn’t bear with it anymore and pulled the youngster to the side. He whispered, “What the f**k, Little Spade, are you possessed?”

Bo Jiu glanced at him. “Mind your own signing.”

What the hell? What was happening!? What’s wrong with this child!?

Bo Jiu ignored the puzzled fat face. She pushed him again and suggested to Lou Luo, “We can hug.”

The moment she said this, the other young ladies in the queue started covering their mouths in excitement.

“We can hug her?”

“When was this allowed?”

“It feels like a dream.”

Lou Luo didn’t expect this either.

Zhao Sanpang was staring at her with a ‘do you want to die’ look. Did you forget your Scheming Qin?

The youngster had already stretched her hand out and was hugging the beautiful female boss.

She’s cheating blatantly.

Little Spade, you will be educated by your family!

Zhao Sanpang could already predict what the ending of this fellow was! That was because Qin Mo was walking over.

He was wearing the black team jacket and was discussing something with the person beside him.

As the captain of the China team, he was the one who would pick their order of entrance.

The manager of the team was telling him the details.

As Qin Mo got closer, his gaze shifted towards the direction where the youngster was.

When he saw her, his fingers stopped moving and he was furrowing his brows slightly.

From his position, Zhao Sanpang could already feel the cold. He poked the youngster’s back.

Bo Jiu didn’t turn around. She lightly sniffed the smell. The smile at the edge of her lips was even more obvious than normal.

However, she did raise her head. But, she was looking at Mr. Bo who was holding his black umbrella and standing in the crowd.

There was a smile on his handsome face. It looked a little evil.

Mr. Bo raised his black umbrella and watched as the sun started setting. Then, he closed his umbrella and squinted.

Bo Jiu didn’t care what expression her father was having. She just continued, “After the fan meeting, we will be having a dinner party. Will you be free to join us?”

Thank goodness, Little Spade finally stopped calling the lady ‘mom’. But, was she joking? Brother!

Bringing a fan to their dinner party?

Zhao Sanpang didn’t want to speak anymore. In the past, he didn’t realize that Little Spade was a fan of beauty.

No, that wasn’t right. She liked money too. This lady’s aura was different. She gave off a businesswoman aura. Hence, she must be rich.

Honestly, did Little Spade like bosses naturally?

Look at the Scheming Qin she found.

Zhao Sanpang didn’t want to care anymore. He stepped sideways and gave Qin Mo, who had come closer, enough space.

The fans who were queuing started coughing lightly when they saw Almighty Qin.

The person was giving off a noble and flawless aura. There was coldness on his face.

He walked over with one hand in his pocket and looked down on the youngster’s head. He used his other hand to grab the youngster’s collar and pulled her back. Then, he said in an indifferent tone, “Mrs. Qin, have you forgotten that you’re taken?”