Chapter 1775 - Untitled

Chapter 1775: Untitled

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While Bo Jiu got pulled into Qin Mo’s arms.

Qin Mo saw the face of the ‘fan’ she was hugging.

The next second, he froze on the spot. It was a rare moment when he didn’t continue his sentence.

Bo Jiu knew what he was thinking. This time, she said in an upright manner, “Brother Mo, why did you interrupt me from interacting with my fan?”

Normally, Qin Mo would have used his actions to prove that she belonged to him.

Was there a need to hug her during an interaction?

But, this time, Qin Mo kept quiet. He recognized that face.

In the past, when he went to the Bo family, every time, Mrs. Bo would bend down and smile at him gently. “Momo. our Jiu is a little naughty. Look after her. If she really causes any troubles or disturbs you, tell me.”

He would always nod his head when she said that. He didn’t think that the little tiger would disturb him. But, she wasn’t reserved and kept pouncing on him.

However, this didn’t look like something Mrs. Bo taught her. Hence, Qin Mo never told Mrs. Bo.

At night, there was always red tea to drink when he went to the Bo family.

That was because Mrs. Bo only came home at that time.

He looked at the face that was the same as the one in his memory.

Indeed, there was nothing Qin Mo could say.

How could someone look the same after so many years?

It wasn’t just her looks. Her skin condition too…

Because of Qin Mo’s gaze, Lou Luo raised her head slightly. Before she came, her assistant sent her a few photos of the youngster with other people.

Her assistant sounded extremely excited when she explained, “Boss Lou, the one with the strongest presence is the captain of the China team this time. He’s called Almighty Qin. He’s also Big Spade’s boyfriend.”

That was when Lou Luo knew that the youngster was a lady.

The assistant even emphasized, “Boss Lou, when you go and meet Big Spade, if Almighty Qin is around, you mustn’t have any skin contact with Big Spade. I’m saying the truth. His gaze can freeze you.”

Lou Luo didn’t feel any coldness from him.

Maybe it was because of her age. Her sensitivity got weaker.

If the fans knew what Lou Luo was thinking, they would definitely shout and tell her that she was wrong!

They never expected the day to come when Almighty Qin saw Big Spade hugging someone but he didn’t educate her.

This was… not Almighty Qin’s style at all!

Zhao Sanpang felt that Scheming Qin was a little weak today.

What is happening? That’s it?

Normally, when he touched Little Spade’s shoulder, this person would go into the game to kill him multiple times.

Why did he have a double standard for fans?

The other fans wanted to prove that Almighty Qin didn’t have a double standard.

If they touched Little Spade Almighty Qin would glare at them too. Yet, today, only his first sentence sounded normal. Everything after that was abnormal!

The most astonishing thing was, their Almighty Qin actually released the youngster’s collar.

Did this mean that he allowed Big Spade to hug the person?

Zhao Sanpang was flabbergasted. He felt that Big Spade wasn’t the only one who got possessed, even Almighty Qin felt like a different person.

What the hell is happening? Are they still able to play in the competition with their current state?!

Qin Mo did feel different today. When did he ever allow Little Spade to hug someone?

He didn’t like sweet food but when fans delivered keyboard chocolate to Little Spade, he would finish them for her.

But, now, he was showing more respect to this lady than the elder in the military compound. He looked at Lou Luo and asked, “Did you come alone?”

Zhao Sanpang: …