Chapter 1776 - Untitled

Chapter 1776: Untitled

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Lou Luo was a smart person. She looked up at the young man. Her businesswoman aura became even stronger. “Do we know each other?”

When he heard this, Qin Mo looked at the person in his arms. He couldn’t see Bo Jiu’s expression clearly.

Qin Mo remained as calm as ever. He looked up indifferently and replied, “I saw you on finance magazines.”


Bo Yin was the person who said this word. He walked over from the crowd and came beside Lou Luo. He was holding his black umbrella beside him.

His eyes were beautiful and his gaze calm. His face was pale and his handsomeness seemed a little unreal.

Qin Mo glanced at the man whom, in the past, he needed to tilt his head high in order to see his face clearly. His slender fingers froze for a second and he looked at Bo Jiu once again.

At this moment, Bo Jiu smiled. She looked really obedient, which was rare. “Mom, who is this person?”

What the f**k, she called the lady mom again!

Zhao Sanpang felt that he needed some time to calm down!

When Bo Yin looked at Bo Jiu, he lifted the corners of his eyes.

Bo Jiu automatically ignored the threat from her dad and continued looking at her mom cutely.

Lou Luo looked at the youngster’s eyes. For some reason, her heart softened easily.

Whose child was this? Why was she so obedient?

Lou Luo burst out laughing. “This is my boyfriend.”

“Your boyfriend?” Bo Jiu repeated the two words. Her smile got brighter as she continued, “It looks like he hasn’t completed his task.”

Lou Luo was puzzled. “I’m sorry?”

“Nothing.” Bo Jiu’s ears drooped down. “I’m just worried that your boyfriend won’t like it if I bring you to the dinner party later.”

Bo Yin squinted when he heard this.

Lou Luo resisted the urge to rub the youngster’s head and replied, “He won’t.”

“That’s great.” When Bo Jiu looked up again, no sadness could be seen on her face. “We are finishing soon. Wait for me.”

Lou Luo replied, “Alright.”

After she replied, something seemed to be vibrating in the black umbrella.

Qin Mo saw the entire scene but he showed no signs of interfering.

Bo Yin held the umbrella with his slender fingers and then looked at Qin Mo. His tone was casual and he was whispering so that only the two of them could hear. “There’s a rumor that Young Master Qin is easily jealous. From the looks of it now, that isn’t the case. Do you feel at ease letting her invite her fan like this?”

Qin Mo didn’t suppress the cold aura around him. He just appeared modest because he was speaking to an elder. “Uncle Bo, you are teasing me again.”

Bo Yin remained indifferent. This little brat from the Qin family was still the same. No matter what he saw, he could remain calm.

“You can’t stop her now. She will keep clinging to the person.”

At first, Qin Mo didn’t believe him, but during the dinner party Bo Yin’s words came through.

Bo Jiu wouldn’t leave Auntie Lou at all.

She was cuter than when she was young.

Qin Mo knocked on her wrist and reminded her, “Don’t be too enthusiastic. You will scare her.”

Bo Jiu smiled. “I won’t. My mom loves obedient people.”

It had to be said that Bo Jiu’s acting skill must be inherited from her dad. She was really obedient and cute.

The competition was tomorrow so Zhao Sanpang didn’t dare to drink any alcohol. He could only pour water down his throat furiously to remind himself that this extremely obedient Big Spade wasn’t the one he knew. She wasn’t the youngster who could get the first clear the moment she raised her sword.

She was never so obedient. Even in front of Scheming Qin, she would be naughty at times.

Why was she acting like this in front of this female boss?