Chapter 1777

Chapter 1777: Untitled

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Lou Luo didn’t know how this youngster was like normally.

She only saw her when the camera zoomed into her face in the videos. She was handsome and devilish.

Now, the more she interacted with her, the more she felt that this youngster was really obedient. Hence, when Lou Luo was eating, she would take some meat and place it on the plate beside her. This meant that she didn’t have the time to care about Mr. Bo.

The smile on Bo Yin’s face didn’t change, but his gaze became sharper than normal, especially when he looked at the youngster who was happily eating meat.

Bo Jiu noticed her dad’s gaze. She lifted the corners of her lips and smiled at Lou Luo. “This is delicious.”

“Eat more.” Lou Luo didn’t look like someone who would pick food for other people.

Zhao Sanpang felt amazed that in this era, there were still businesswomen who liked esports players.

He just felt that Little Spade’s face was too deceiving. None of them saw her smiling like this before. She really looked obedient and cute.

Actually, Bo Jiu didn’t do it on purpose. It had been a long time since she ate with her family so her actions were all unconscious, just like when she was a child.

Bo Jiu’s smile was natural. It felt good to be able to have a meal before the competition, to be able to watch her black-bellied father trying to remain elegant when he couldn’t snatch her mom’s attention away.

She was really happy. Her heart was filled to the brim. She could see bubbles everywhere.

There was nothing happier than having the people who loved you the most beside you.

Bo Jiu was in a good mood so she ate more food.

If the lady boss wasn’t present, Zhao Sanpang and Lin Feng would have already started teasing Bo Jiu. They didn’t understand how a lady, even if she was more handsome than them, could eat so much.

Lin Feng was too lazy to wonder why their boss wasn’t acting like himself and allowed other people to feed their Little Spade. He just wanted to take a piece of meat naturally.

Lou Luo noticed this too. She politely asked if her presence interrupted their dinner party.

Lin Feng felt that he had helped the Lin family to take care of many matters before.

Hence, there was a businessman aura around him too. But, as compared to this person, he was nothing.

This was boss level.

When he was eating, he kept looking at Lou Luo.

Lou Luo remained composed throughout the entire dinner. She was able to handle the situation just like the silver watch she was wearing.

As the manager, Feng Yi had already investigated this person after she appeared at the fan meeting. But, when he reported to Young Master Qin, Young Master Qin said that there was no need for it.

Indeed, she was different.

However, the fierce and ruthless Boss Lou in the business world gave them a different feeling now. Her boyfriend was very mysterious too.

After all, no little puppy would be able to remain calm and elegant when he looked up at them. His aura was a little devilish too.

This was a scary person. Looking at Young Master Qin’s attitude, he seemed to be treating this person like an elder.

Feng Yi didn’t understand.

On the other side, Qin Mo opened his mouth the second time and reminded Bo Jiu that if she continued like this, Uncle Bo would educate her.

Bo Jiu just smiled and whispered, “He’s not her husband yet. He can’t win me.”

She was speaking softly, but Bo Yin could still hear her. He glanced at her with a cold stare.

Bo Jiu ignored him and ate her meat happily.

Lou Luo’s fingers suddenly froze in mid-air when she saw this scene. Broken images appeared in her mind. A small child wearing a little tiger pajama was tilting her head and eating steak. She was staring at the food with her cute and big eyes. Below her eye, there was a mole, just like this youngster.