Chapter 1779 - My Daughter Likes To Compete With Me

Chapter 1779: My Daughter Likes To Compete With Me

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“Her?” Bo Yin’s gaze turned dark. There was an unnoticeable black mist in his eyes. “She loves to compete with me for your attention. She was very naughty when she’s young. She always interferes with the harmony of our relationship.”

Lou Luo had the aura of a businesswoman so when she raised her eyebrows after hearing this, she looked cold and beautiful. “Mr. Bo, are you talking bad about our daughter in front of me?”

Bo Yin smiled and said slowly, “As expected, I shouldn’t have done that.”

“Shouldn’t have done what?” Lou Luo glanced sideways at him.

Bo Yin held the black umbrella with his slender and fair fingers. He looked gentlemanly and mysterious as he stood on the street. The lights of the entire city bloomed behind him. He didn’t seem to belong to this world. After all, who would hold a black umbrella in the middle of the night?

He lifted the edge of his lips and a devilish aura could be felt. “I shouldn’t have let you meet her.”

Lou Luo stopped abruptly in her tracks. “Meet her? When?” Where did she meet her?

If her memory didn’t fail her. For the entire day she only met two young girls, but their parents were beside them. They weren’t Chinese either.

None of them had a mole under their eye.

Besides that extremely obedient and handsome youngster…

Lou Luo was a logical person. She wouldn’t link this teenager to her daughter.

Even if the youngster looked similar to this man in front of her, she wouldn’t think in that direction.

Bo Yin knew what she was thinking. He smiled and said in an unhappy and lazy tone, “You’re guessing so seriously. You only looked at me a few times today. Now, you place all your energy on her. I will get jealous.”

Lou Luo looked at him. His eyes were very black. She didn’t know if he was joking.

She lifted her left hand and placed it on his handsome and flawless face. “I did look at you.”

The breeze blew past them.

The people at the side of the road couldn’t help but look at them.

It was probably because they had never seen this combination before.

A lady with a refreshing and cold aura was wearing professional attire. Her legs were long and straight and her ankle was fair and thin. There was a silver bracelet around it, making her feel like an immortal.

The man she was touching was holding a black umbrella. His side profile was angular, but he was very young. His skin was fair and white and he was smiling.

By right, a man like him should like a cute girl who knew how to whine.

The first reaction people had was that these two people’s relationship wasn’t normal.

Even if they were a couple, it was probably a female boss raising a young man.

Looking at the man’s actions, he felt like someone who would listen to the lady.

After all, not many ladies were able to be like her. When she did that action, it didn’t make people feel frivolous or awkward. Instead, she seemed to be caressing her possession. She felt like a businesswoman coaxing her man gently.

“Can you tell me now? Where is our daughter? Does she even exist?”

Bo Yin rubbed his face against her hand. Then, he tilted his head and planted a kiss on her palm. It was a light kiss. “You don’t believe me again?”

Lou Luo didn’t know if there were other people his age who were clingy but mysterious at the same time. His pale face made it hard for her to be angry at him. “This is very strange. Any normal person will be suspicious.”

She was trying to explain to him. After all, she seemed to have hurt him when she wanted to give him a car.

Bo Yin’s voice was mesmerizing. “On the day the Milan trip ends, I will tell you who our daughter is. But, I must be the only person in your eyes.”

Lou Luo looked up. “Okay.”

Bo Yin teased her, “You sounded so superficial.”

Lou Luo laughed softly. She pinched his face and asked, “Can you tell me how to not sound superficial?”