Chapter 178

Chapter 178: Someone Had His Sights on His Highness Jiu Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The pain in her stomach was still there, but nobody could tell that there was anything different about Fu Jiu.

Just like what Qin Mo had said about her, a person like Fu Jiu was really difficult to see through.

At breakfast, there was a huge fruit platter on the table, and most of them were pear slices.

Chen Xiaodong moved closer and told her in a small voice, “These were sent here directly from the hotel under Young Master Qin’s orders. He said that Young Master had excessive body heat, so it’s better for you to eat some.” He swore that he wasn’t overthinking things this time! But, what exactly happened last night? Young Master even had excessive body heat!

Fu Jiu lifted her eyebrows and looked at that fruit platter.

Pears were fruits with a cool nature.

All women knew that during their great auntie’s[1] visit, this kind of fruit was the most unsuitable.

When Fu Jiu was on her period, she didn’t even dare to drink cold water, let alone eat pears.

But this time, Fu Jiu picked a piece up with a smile and put it in her mouth. “Nice, tasty. Thanks, Brother Mo.”

Qin Mo retrieved his gaze from the young man’s face and asked someone to bring a bowl of soup. The soup had the same purpose—to lower her body heat and get rid of the smog!

There were lily roots in the soup, so Fu Jiu really didn’t want to drink it. But someone as smart as this god would surely realize something was going on later on, even if he didn’t realize it on the spot.

Therefore, she needed to fully act this farce out. Fu Jiu raised her head up and drained the cold soup in one swig.

Qin Mo watched Fu Jiu finish it, but he noticed her hesitation. His eyebrows twitched a little. “You don’t like lily roots?”

“Not a fan.” Fu Jiu curled her lips up. “I’m a picky eater.”

Qin Mo nodded and sounded indifferent, “Teenage rebellious phase.”

Fu Jiu: … What does this have to do with the rebellious phase of adolescence?

Finishing the pears and the lily root soup resulted in her seeing more clearly, and she wasn’t afraid of smog anymore. But the cramps made Fu Jiu not to want to move.

This was the point she couldn’t let this god notice the most. Furthermore, there was a physics lecture in the morning. If the teacher didn’t find her there, it would definitely affect her grades for this monthly test.

After finishing breakfast, Fu Jiu stood up and slid one hand in her school uniform pocket. She was still smiling like there was nothing wrong.

Qin Mo took her to school and had ordered the driver before they left, “Send more fruits and cool soup for Young Master Jiu at lunch time.”

“Yes, sir.” The driver nodded.

Fu Jiu heard this while standing at the side and decided that she would give the lunch that a god prepared for her to others. She couldn’t get near those two things anymore; the cramps were killing her now.

Before her lips turned completely pale, Fu Jiu exited the car and waved at Qin Mo until the black car disappeared behind her.

Fu Jiu covered her belly with her hand, and her silver hair dropped down, covering her beautiful eyes.

Because of the big uniform and his posture, a lot of the people thought that the young man had a stomach ache.

But the view of the young man’s back was really handsome, and the way he carried his school bag on one shoulder made a lot of girls really want to go talk to His Highness Jiu.

But Fu Jiu obviously wasn’t in a good shape today. Ever since she entered the classroom, she had been wearing her hat really low and sleeping on her desk. Only her overly fair side profile was showing.

A few girls snuck some more looks at her behind her back.

“Is His Highness Jiu sick?”

“Seems like it…”

Those whispered concerned comments made those few boys who hated Fu Jiu from long ago look at one another. There was a poisonous glint hidden at the bottom of their eyes…

[1] Great Auntie: Period