Chapter 1780 - Sending Flowers To Qin Mo

Chapter 1780: Sending Flowers To Qin Mo

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Bo Yin asked her back instead of replying, “You rarely post on your moments.”

“Huh?” Lou Luo raised her eyebrows.

Bo Yin smiled. He took out her phone from her pocket and said, “Look up.”

Lou Luo didn’t understand what this young man was thinking. “What are you…”

Before she could finish her sentence.

A kiss landed on her cheek.

Then, the sound of the camera shutter was heard.

The two of them entered the frame at the same time.

Bo Yin gave a meaningful smile. “Shouldn’t you tell everyone that I’m your man? Post this photo in your WeChat moments.”

Lou Luo’s moments were like her personality. Besides business posts, there was rarely other content.

After all, her subordinates and partners could see everything.

Lou Luo laughed softly. She took over her phone and clicked to add a post. Her caption was two words, my man.

You could imagine how many people were flabbergasted when they saw this post.

The split-second Lou Luo posted the photo, her friend sent her a message. “My dear Boss Lou, listen to me. Your little puppy is really not simple! The entire business world will be saying that you are hiding a man in your house and you like to raise young men. Also…”

Lou Luo didn’t read the entire message. She just tilted her head and asked, “Are you satisfied?”

Bo Yin placed her long hair behind her ear and smiled. “I’m very satisfied.”

Her friend said something right.

Little puppies liked to announce their rights.

Lou Luo smiled. She looked towards the edge of the umbrella. The screen was showing the match that was starting tomorrow. It paused at the youngster’s face.

She looked naughty, casual, and devilish. She was wearing a black earpiece. Her eyes were so bright you could see reflections inside.

She seemed to have seen this same scene not long ago. However, at that time, the person sitting in front of the computer was a very small little tiger who was wagging her tail…

Bo Yin noticed what she was looking at. He tilted his body. The night seemed to have gotten darker. “Shall we go back to the hotel?”

Lou Luo nodded. It was obvious that her thoughts were still on the youngster.

Late at night by the road lamp outside the hotel.

A bat flew down and landed on the man’s shoulder.

“Master, you never liked human messaging apps. It looks like you are willing to do anything for madam.”

Bo Yin lowered his gaze. There was a red glow in his eyes.

The bat immediately shrunk back.

Bo Yin scoffed, “Prepare a flower and send it to Qin Mo’s room.”

The bat was confused. “Send a flower to Young Master Qin?”

Did he hear wrong?

Bo Jiu chuckled. “Our Lord Jiu has been very possessive ever since she was young.”

The bat: … Are you taking revenge on the young lord because she fought for madam’s attention just now?

But, as a servant, he wouldn’t say his thoughts.

Sending a flower to a hotel was a piece of cake for them. However, Young Master Qin had always been strange.

They didn’t dare to get close to him.

If their young lord was around, it was alright.

Without their young lord, they felt that Young Master Qin would kill them with a single shot.

They came for a competition this time so Young Master Qin probably didn’t bring a gun, right?

Their master gave them a mission they didn’t want to complete at all.

That day the hotel’s surveillance camera acted weirdly. It was entirely white. No images were recorded.

When the sun rose, a rose appeared on Qin Mo’s bed. It was extremely bright and beautiful. There was a card that looked like a confession letter too.

Qin Mo was wearing the battle jacket. He touched the letter with his slender and long fingers. He raised his eyebrows a little.

Zhao Sanpang lifted his hand and said to Bo Jiu, “Little Spade, it’s the first day of the National League and I don’t want to raise any issues but Qin Mo is obviously cheating on you! If not, why did he receive a flower from another person!”