Chapter 179 - Planning a Beating and Kidnapping

Chapter 179: Planning a Beating and Kidnapping

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“Why don’t we just do it now? Young Master Fu said that as long as we get that arrogant pervert in front of him, he will give us a ton of money. You guys, think about how perverted and disgusting that guy is. Not only does he like men, he also sits with that fat pig. He’s so bad at studying that he’s simply pulling down our class average. When he walks, he never puts anyone else in his eyes! Ridiculous, why doesn’t he take a look at himself! How dare he act like such an a**!”

The one who was speaking had hated Fu Jiu to death for a long time already. Now that he thought his chance had arrived, of course he would encourage other people to join in.

He couldn’t wait to see Fu Jiu beg them for forgiveness on “his” knees.

“He” dared to kick him in front of everyone in the classroom. “He” was simply courting death!

“Okay, we will follow your command. After physics class, when the people in front leave, I will block the back door, and we will give him a good lesson telling him ‘there is no going back’!”

An evil scheme was born just like that. Nobody knew that in this classroom, several people had already planned a nasty kidnapping.

Fu Jiu felt really uncomfortable. All girls understand what it feels like to be on their period. It was so wet down there.

She really wanted to go to the restroom, but it wasn’t safe for her to go when she was like that.

To make things worse, she was writhing in pain and felt exhausted. Before long, her forehead was covered in sweat.

During this time, Xue Yaoyao came back. Once she saw Fu Jiu sleeping anxiously like that, she figured out a way to get some hot water for “him.”

When Fu Jiu raised her head, she was still smiling. Because she just woke up, her voice sounded rough—very low but really pleasant to hear. “What’s up?”

She still looked extremely handsome. The young man’s skin also looked fairer due to the fact that he was sick, making him look like a fragile Prince Charming. People couldn’t help but want to take care of her.

Why does he still look this good even when he’s sick? Only this young man can pull this off.

“Your Highness Jiu, if you are feeling really sick, why don’t you run to the clinic real quick and let the doctor check on you,” Xue Yaoyao said worriedly.

Fu Jiu shook her head. “I’m fine.” She couldn’t go to the school doctor because she would be exposed. Going to see a doctor outside of school was fine though.

“Then drink some hot water first?” Xue Yaoyao knew that there was no way to change the young man’s mind once “he” had decided on something.

Fu Jiu accepted the hot water and said with a light laugh, “Thanks.”

Perhaps the hot water really worked. Even though she still had cramps, at least she didn’t feel cold anymore.

But her body was really tired. Fu Jiu sat in the back and fell half asleep. Finally, it was fourth period, physics class.

She couldn’t sleep during this one no matter what. She carelessly rested the side of her face on her left hand, and her other hand was pushing a book against her belly. One couldn’t tell what was troubling her just by looking at her pale profile.

The physics teacher hadn’t changed her opinion on Fu Jiu. In fact, there was no difference whether or not this person was listening; she didn’t expect any good scores from Fu Jiu anyways.

As long as Fu Jiu showed up in every class and was not absent, she could complete her class’s attendance and would get her full salary. Other than that, she just let Fu Jiu go and be free because she had already given up on this kind of student…