Chapter 18 - Fu Jiu Was Furious

Chapter 18: Fu Jiu Was Furious

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Fu Jiu knew very well that she had an estranged relationship with Mrs. Fu before.

After all, she still had the original host’s memory.

At the time, she didn’t know any better and felt very depressed about dressing up as a man.

She blamed it all on her mother, and said that it was the result of her mother’s greed for money.

Plus, her father would give her whatever she wanted, unlike her mother who controlled her every action and asked her to be wary of Fu Xue’er.

She didn’t listen and even said that her mother was the most vicious person in the world. She thought of everyone as evil!

Their mother-daughter relationship had been awkward ever since she was little, and it continued till she grew up.

No matter what Mrs. Fu said to her, she would only reply with a harrumph.

And Mrs. Fu was from the countryside, so she couldn’t really change certain things.

After Fu Jiu had gone to school, she looked down on her mother more and more because she would lose her temper without a reason, had absolutely no table manners, and was really loud.

Such acts made Fu Jiu lose face in front of her classmates.

She even thought that if her mother knew how to dress herself up like Fu Xue’er’s mother and if she wasn’t chubby like this, her father wouldn’t have left them.

More and more things surfaced on her mind, and Fu Jiu touched her forehead. She really used to be an a**hole.

When she entered the room, there was a middle-aged woman holding her phone with her chubby hand.

“Hi, Mr. Zhang? It’s me, Honghua, Fu Jiu’s parent. Can you pull some strings regarding my son’s incident? Yes, yes, yes, you are right. It is all my fault, I didn’t educate him well.”

Fu Jiu could hear the director’s voice over the phone. He was berating her mother like she was a foolish kid.

He said, “You people from the countryside don’t know how to educate your own kids. What do you expect me to do over such a big issue?”

In fact, everyone had their own dignity.

He Honghua, her mother, hated being called a person from the countryside the most.

Fu Jiu remembered that there was once a salesperson who had talked to her in such a belittling way.

He Honghua went directly up against that person. “What’s wrong with people from the countryside? Peasants earn money and support their families with their own hands. Did I give you less money or something? Did I treat you badly? Are you looking down on peasants? Go back three generations ago; weren’t your family peasants too?”

At that time, He Honghua was so confident like a heroine from some historical novel.

But now, in order to save her future education, He Honghua was being obsequious and apologizing throughout the phone call, saying yes to everything.

All for her…

Fu Jiu couldn’t quite grasp her feelings. She just walked over with one hand in her pocket, using her other hand to take away the phone from her mother’s hand.

He Honghua turned back and looked at her in shock.

At the other end of the phone, the director was still speaking in a teasing tone, “Well, it’s not actually completely hopeless for your son to come back to school. It’s just that this semester is half-done. You’d still need to go through many people at all levels. You peasants probably don’t understand this protocol, but schools are like this. Think about it, if you really want him back, then give out a few things and show your sincerity; not everyone can stay in good schools, right?”

Fu Jiu’s eyes chilled after hearing those words. A sharpness, which had never been seen before, showed up on her beautiful face. With her silver hair, she looked like a vampire royal at night. “You are right. We peasants don’t know your sh*t. But openly asking parents for bribes? Heh, Director Zhang, do you not want your job anymore or what?”