Chapter 180 - Lord Jiu Is Surrounded?

Chapter 180: Lord Jiu Is Surrounded?

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Physics class was extremely tortuous for Fu Jiu. Even though she had already put a thick layer of tissues down there, the moist feeling was still very obvious.

She still took down notes on what the physics teacher was lecturing. At the very least, she recorded the general facts, so that that god could betterhelp her predict the test questions.

As the class progressed towards its latter stages, Fu Jiu’s belly began hurting very badly. She could only lay her head back down on the desk again.

She fell back asleep in a daze.

The physics teacher didn’t wake her up.

She remained in that position until lunch break just like that.

Xue Yaoyao looked at the young man and took some money out from her school bag. She ran downstairs because she wanted to get Fu Jiu some meds for her stomach ache as well as bring back lunch so that Fu Jiu could eat something hot.

There were a few more girls who checked on Fu Jiu. When they were sure that the young man was just asleep, they left without worries.

At lunch time, she still needed to eat.

There was still two hours left before class started again in the afternoon. Most of the students in the classroom went to the canteen.

There were also two or maybe three students who were so studious that they were still burying their heads in their test papers. The monthly test was coming, and finishing one more exercise problem meant another point scored during the real test, so they asked their classmates to bring them back food to save time.

But today… these two or three kids were escorted out by those guys’ sharp looks.

The man in the lead closed the front door, making sure that Fu Jiu was the only one left in the classroom, before he gave the man in the back a wink.

Fu Jiu was still had her head down on her desk. Her silver hair dropped down over her face, and only her fair jaw could be seen.

Probably due to her instinctive sensitivity towards danger, Fu Jiu opened her eyes abruptly and saw a pair of Nike sneakers stopped in front of her. Fu Jiu’s left hand on the desk paused, and she raised her head up. She looked at the man in front of her and slowly sat up straight.

As she was sitting up, her eyes were checking on the back door.

The cramps were unbearable, but her mind was still sharp, and it even automatically formed an analysis.

Six more people showed up in the classroom—two in the front, two in the back, and another two held wooden sticks in their hands. Both of those people were staring at her, and they smacked the wooden sticks against their palms. They were obviously looking for revenge.

And… This was an organized revenge planned beforehand.

This is not that simple.

Fu Jiu narrowed her eyes and curled the corner of her mouth up. She looked at the man in the front. Although her lips were pale, she didn’t look stressed about being surrounded like this. On the contrary, she slid one hand in her pocket and laughed mistreviously, “What? Liu Zongming, you didn’t get enough kicking the other day?”

“You! Go to hell, you perverted gay!” It was as if Fu Jiu had flipped on Liu Zongming’s anger switch. He raised the wooden stick up high and swung it at Fu Jiu.

But to his utter surprise, the moment before the stick hit her, Fu Jiu had dodged and lifted her leg, kicking his kneecaps hard!

Liu Zongming’s face turned pale from the pain, and he instantly dropped down on his knees!

All the others surrounding them were stunned and frozen.

“What are you waiting for, go get him!” Liu Zongming held his kneecaps, ground his teeth, and roared in a low voice, “Think about the money that Young Master Fu promised us!”

Young Master Fu?

Despite being extremely under the weather, Fu Jiu didn’t miss the important message in this sentence.

So that illegitimate son is the real culprit behind this!

Fu Jiu bent over and avoided the other wooden stick coming at her.

With such strenuous movements, all she could feel were the floods down there. She felt so uncomfortable. She didn’t put any of those men in her eyes at all, it was just that… her pants were already drenched, and she needed to leave right away. Otherwise, if these guys found out something, it would mean that that illegitimate son would know too!