Chapter 181

Chapter 181: With a Freak Combination of Circumstances, His Highness Jiu Exposes Herself Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Fu Jiu thought of this, so she glanced at the back door.

After he saw that Fu Jiu was looking at the back door, Liu Zongming quickly shouted to the two guys standing by the back door in a low voice, “This perverted gay wants to run away, lock the door!

But he didn’t predict that Fu Jiu wouldn’t run to the back door. She took the broom in her hand, and using the forward momentum of her body, she directly stabbed the broom into those two’s right ribs!

It was so painful that those two instantly screamed out loud!

The other four were left on the sides, each with his own wooden stick, and they all swung at Fu Jiu.

But at this time, Fu Jiu shifted her body and jumped out of the window on the side. Her speed was really fast, like a gust of wind sweeping over. When she jumped down, she didn’t forget to push the desks behind her hard and solidly hit the guy who was following her.

Right after that, Fu Jiu’s right foot braked sharply and pointed towards the ground. Her white school uniform spread open like wings, making her look extremely handsome.

The classroom of Class A was on the first floor, so it was nothing for her to jump out of the window like that.

But there were only a few who could manage to accomplish such a move as beautifully as Fu Jiu just did.

Liu Zongming wanted to jumped out as well, but he was too big. He was stuck in the window frame as he watched Fu Jiu leave. He couldn’t do anything about it, and his heart raged with flames of fury!


There were seven of them in total, but they were unable to take advantage of Fu Jiu. They were even all beaten into such pitiful states.

Liu Zongming was half-crippled, and he looked back at the others. The rest were lying on the ground disorderly, all in great pain.

That gay… Why is he so good at fighting?

Isn’t he freaking sick today?

Fu Jiu was really unwell. Her abdomen was hurting so badly that she kept sweating. Because of her big movements just now, she felt the chill sweeping completely throughout her entire body.

Also… she was now 100% sure that her school pants were drenched with blood…

Fu Jiu touched her behind and opened her hand. She felt all sticky.

Any girl would know what this meant.

But she didn’t notice that someone was standing behind her when she jumped out of the window.

This person witnessed everything, including how she was surrounded, and… that big blood stain on the back of Fu Jiu’s pants…

This person was none other than Xue Yaoyao, who had just returned from buying medicine for Fu Jiu’s stomach ache.

She stood there, staring at all that redness. She uncontrollably fell into complete shock.

There was no way that Fu Jiu was injured at that spot.

They all thought that His Highness Jiu was covering her belly because of a stomach ache.

Now, after thinking it over again, Xue Yaoyao finally knew why His Highness Jiu was covering her belly and laying on her desk like that. Additionally, why she refused to go to the clinic finally made sense now. All the details added up on top of one another and the answer to everything became more and more clear.

But no evidence could beat the understanding between two girls.

Some things would explain themselves with a simple look as long as it was from a girl… His Highness Jiu… “he”… “he”…

Xue Yaoyao was too stunned to say that shattering conclusion out loud, and the bowl of noodles in her hand slipped and dropped to the ground.

After hearing the noise, Fu Jiu swiftly turned her head back, and her faint gaze landed on Xue Yaoyao’s face, which was in deep shock.

Xue Yaoyao looked at the young man in front of her. “He” looked incomparably handsome still—too clean and pretty to look at directly. “He” had a habit of never zipping up “his” school uniform.

But this Highness Jiu, who made countless women scream, “he”…