Chapter 182 - A Gentle Royal Highness Jiu

Chapter 182: A Gentle Royal Highness Jiu

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“He” is not actually a “he” but a “she”!!!

Even Xue Yaoyao’s fingers were trembling, and her pupils were shaking fiercely. She murmured, “Your Highness Jiu…”

Fu Jiu wasn’t at all flustered at being exposed. Rather, she slowly smiled at Xue Yaoyao. She walked over and pulled out a tissue, wiping off Xue Yaoyao’s finger that was burnt by the soup she dropped. Her lips were pale, but her voice still had a faint smile. “You need to protect your fingers better because you’ll be playing games later. Don’t forget, our goal is to rule the gaming contest like kings!”

Xue Yaoyao didn’t know what was the proper thing to say was at this time.

Such a handsome person really didn’t seem to be resemble a normal everyday girl.

If not for seeing that scene just now, even if there were blood on His Highness Jiu, she would never think that it was her period, not to mention suspect that His Highness Jiu was a girl…

Fu Jiu reached her hand out and combed back Xue Yaoyao’s hair, which had been blown into a mess by the wind, tucking it behind her ears. Her voice became deeper. “Can you keep this a secret for me?”

Xue Yaoyao looked up, and her eyes directly met the young man’s eyes. Her side profile was still pretty and gentle. Perhaps it was because of the discomfort, but her silver hair in front of her forehead was damp with sweat. She looked slightly pale and sick. There was no energy in those eyes anymore, but they were still bright as usual. They were so bright that they made people’s heart race!

Xue Yaoyao nodded with all her strength and took another look at Fu Jiu’s back. She took off her own uniform and handed it over to Fu Jiu.

When she saw that the young man was still looking at her, she lowered her voice. “Wrap this around your waist, then nobody can see. I will carry yours.”

“Thank you,” Fu Jiu smiled, but the corner of her mouth that was curled up was still pale. She tied the uniform around her waist, making her legs look longer. She became even more handsome and devious.

Xue Yaoyao checked her face. “I have pain killers and heat pads back in the classroom. And… that , I will get it for you!”

“No need.” Fu Jiu pressed on her arm as she looked in the classroom’s direction, to the left and behind her. “The classroom is not safe.”

Xue Yaoyao saw what happened just now, so she surely knew who was to blame. “It’s all my fault. If not for me, Your Highness Jiu wouldn’t have become enemies with Liu Zongming.”

“It’s not your fault,” Fu Jiu smiled. Her lips became paler, “They were coming at me, solving others’ problems for money.”

Xue Yaoyao became even more after worried hearing that. “Your Highness Jiu is saying that someone’s behind all this?”

“A teenage boy who doesn’t deal with rejections well and wants to give me a lesson. Additionally, he’s not kind hearted.” Fu Jiu’s eyes turned colder as she was talking, “Only people who play dirty would come up with a measure like this, asking people to block me at school.”

Xue Yaoyao’s face turned pale as well. “Then Your Highness Jiu, this afternoon…”

“I asked for a leave from afternoon classes already.” Fu Jiu pressed her belly and laughed slyly, “Of course, it’s not because of them. When I feel better, I will deal with them then…”

Xue Yaoyao looked at that pale young man, and in the end she still couldn’t bring up her question and ask why Fu Jiu was pretending to be a boy.

She had enjoyed so much gentleness from Fu Jiu for a long time already. The one thing she could do to repay His Highness Jiu was to be silent when she should.

But she still needed to be certain about one thing, so that Fu Jiu wouldn’t expose herself.

“Your Highness Jiu’s secret… Young Master Qin…” Xue Yaoyao hesitated and then asked, “Does he know?”