Chapter 183 - That Rubbish Was Scared of Us!

Chapter 183: That Rubbish Was Scared of Us!

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Fu Jiu laughed, “If he knew about this matter, he would squeeze me to death. Almighty doesn’t like interacting with girls too closely.”

Xue Yaoyao knew why the young man always looked at boys in a weird way now.

Everyone said that he was gay, but she was not gay at all. Rather, she should naturally be liking boys!

But later on, His Highness Jiu wasn’t quite the same.

Xue Yaoyao didn’t know how to explain the feeling. It was like… like her soul had been newly replaced.

But if Young Master Qin still didn’t know about it even now, she worried about what kind of danger would befall His Highness Jiu once he knew.

After all, the Qin family was too powerful in Jiang City.

Almighty Qin did not like being hoodwinked. Everyone in Jiang City knew this.

His Highness Jiu…is playing with fire!

Xue Yaoyao thought about it carefully. “What about last time, when you changed at the tennis court?”

“It was fine. Almighty is a neat freak.” The way Fu Jiu curled her lips upwards was really nice. “I blew into his ear, and he almost stuffed me into the trash can.”

Xue Yaoyao: “…”

How could you blow into that man’s ear? So His Highness Jiu not only knows how to flirt with girls but with Almighty Qin as well…

Xue Yaoyao had a sudden realization about Fu Jiu, and she looked at the young man’s side profile again.

The young man had gained her energy back a little now. She walked ahead while smiling, and nobody could tell that she wrapped the uniform around her like that just to cover that embarrassing spot. All other people could see was that she looked even more handsome this way…

Xue Yaoyao couldn’t help but wonder what kind of man could handle a girl like His Highness Jiu… She wasn’t sure why, but that incomparably distinguished figure showed up in her head…

If it really was Almighty Qin… then things were going to be really interesting.

Fu Jiu didn’t know what Xue Yaoyao was imagining in her head, only that she was smiling happily. She raised her eyebrows. “What is it?”

“Nothing.” She’d better not tell this to His Highness Jiu. After all, this was all just her imagination.

Because she was on her period, Fu Jiu slept through the entire afternoon at home. After school, Chen Xiaodong entered the room a couple of times, but he only saw the plump covers and the young man’s silver hair outside the covers.

Even he didn’t know what had happened to Fu Jiu today. He only thought that his young master was tired from playing games.

Meanwhile, Liu Zongming’s knees were still hurting, and he was limping as he walked.

But the people around him were injured more severely. “Ming, how can we report to Young Master Fu like this? We can’t tell him that we didn’t even get to touch that perverted rubbish!”

“You think we can still get the money if we say that?” Liu Zongming was furious. “Use your f*cking brain before you speak. Plus, if this kind of thing was publicized, how could we blend in at school? Isn’t it too much of a disgrace?!”

“Then you tell us what we’re supposed to say?” This guy was anxious. This was not just a disgrace, but a huge joke if the girls knew about it!

Liu Zongming narrowed his eyes, then he took his phone out of his pocket and called Fu Ximing.

Fu Ximing saw the incoming call and arrogantly curled up the corner of his mouth. “It’s done?”

“Well…that… Young Master Fu…” Liu Zongming licked his lips and answered drily, “We did teach him a lesson, but that rubbish still had some tricks. We didn’t think he would escape, and after a few punches, he jumped out of the window. He got so scared that he didn’t even come back to school in the afternoon!”