Chapter 184

Chapter 184: CEO Qin, Fu Jiu Is Not Your Real Little Brother

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After Fu Ximing had heard what Liu Zongming said, he laughed and said with complete disdain, “Sounds like what that rubbish would do. He’s a coward anyway, so there’s no need to bring him over to me; you deal with it. He will have to go back to school eventually, then you can do what I asked you to do.”

“Copy that,” Liu Zongming agreed, but his expression looked really unnatural. He understood what Young Master Fu meant—he wanted him to keep an eye on Fu Jiu, give “him” trouble when he should, just like today, and beat “him” up until “he” runs away.

The problem was… what he said over the phone was not the truth.

But he couldn’t afford to mess with Young Master Fu; he had to tell lies and get it over with.

Fu Ximing didn’t know what had really happened. After he hung up, he raised his phone up towards his teammates, who were standing behind him. “Did you all hear that? That rubbish is a total coward!”

“Young Master Fu rocks!” The team members all laughed harshly, “That nouveau riche will eventually be doomed just like this.”

“Who does he think he is, messing with Young Master Fu? How could he be so blind?”

“Ok, ok, don’t bring him up anymore; it’s a waste of time. Think about our team strategies more. They canceled the inner selection this time, so even Young Master Fu has to participate in the contest. I reckon we should just make Young Master Fu our captain.”

“Good idea, I’m in.”

“Me too. In this gaming contest, Young Master Fu can lead us, so no one will dare to compete for first place with us!”

Fu Ximing looked around as if he had already won the game. He said indifferently, “It’s just a small contest. Don’t worry, first place is ours.”

As he finished speaking, a round of cheers arose in the company.

Fu Zhongyi passed by with his friends from the media, and he felt so proud seeing his little son. “Did you hear that? It looks like Ximing is going to win for sure.”

“We heard that Young Master Fu has a secret weapon. Boss Fu, what is it? Can you tell us a bit more?” That reporter was constantly thinking about digging for any valuable news; after all, the contest was only five days away from now.

Fu Zhongyi smiled secretly, and he lowered his voice to the extreme, “Do you guys know about Spade Z…”

That night was foggy and cloudy. People in Jiang City all put on masks at this time, and the visibility was really low.

Fu Jiu was still sleeping, but she felt better now. She showed her face, but she was still sleeping quite deeply. She didn’t know that Qin Mo had come over to see her.

“He has been sleeping ever since he came home until now?” Qin Mo looked at the young man in bed, before he raised his eyebrows at Chen Xiaodong’s direction.

Chen Xiaodong saw Qin Mo looking at him, and he said hurriedly, “Not really. Young Master was awake for dinner. He ate a lot and went back to sleep after that.”

“So he’s eating normally?” Qin Mo took another look at the young man. He didn’t see anything abnormal from “his” face. Fu Jiu was sleeping so soundly that there was even a faint pinkness to her face.

Chen Xiaodong humphed, “He drank three bowls of soup, ate two bowls of rice, a dozen of dumplings, lots of spiced beef, and organic cauliflowers. He usually eats this much. His appetite was normal.”

This time, Secretary Liang came with Qin Mo. After hearing what Chen Xiaodong said, the corner of his mouth quivered. …He eats this much, and you still call it normal?

But what worried him the most was his CEO.

Going to the Fu residence right after work, what on earth was happening?

CEO Qin, he’s not your real little brother!