Chapter 185 - Almighty Qin Takes Fu Jiu’s Temperature

Chapter 185: Almighty Qin Takes Fu Jiu’s Temperature

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Qin Mo didn’t care about what other people thought of him at all. He turned to the side, took off the black glove on his right hand, and put his palm on Fu Jiu’s forehead.

Fu Jiu couldn’t help but retreat a little at the cold sensation on her forehead. But she didn’t wake up from that; she only snuggled her handsome face further inside, while her silver hair was still sticking out of the covers. Being sick didn’t make her any less regal.

Qin Mo lowered his eyes, and he tucked her under the covers more.

Secretary Liang was watching on the side with a complicated mood. Since when did their CEO become this considerate or learn how to take care of people?

His temperature was fine, and his exterior body looked fine, so it wasn’t a cold or a fever. Perhaps it was because he was too pressured by studying recently that the young man’s physical condition couldn’t take it anymore.

He was still growing, so there was no need to be perfect in everything.

With this in mind, Qin Mo took his hand back. He tore the multiple choice questions that he had prepared for the young man to memorize today into pieces and threw them aside into the trash can.

Getting full marks was important, but this was his little brother. He didn’t need to have full marks; he could raise him and support him, and as long as he wasn’t behaving too badly or putting dirt on his face, it was fine.

This was the first time that Secretary Liang had seen CEO Qin tearing papers into pieces. He couldn’t help but become curious, wondering what was this was all about.

Qin Mo looked at him at this moment with extremely cold eyes, making Secretary Liang’s thoughts instinctively retreat.

Qin Mo had nothing to say. His face was cold as always, and his indifferent gaze landed on Chen Xiaodong. “Take good care of your young master.”

“Yes.” Chen Xiaodong didn’t know how to feel anymore. Ever since Almighty Qin had shown up, he felt like the whole world had become mystical and surreal.

Young Master Qin, he… was he really turned gay by my young master?!

Secretary Liang had the same thoughts as Chen Xiaodong. What could be more important to CEO Qin than the international conference that was going to happen in a bit?

But CEO Qin still came over himself and stayed for twenty minutes!

The young man was sleeping, and CEO was watching at the side. That scene… it was as if neither him nor that little butler of the Fu family existed.

Should I report this to Madam and Boss?

It’s so hard to decide!

Why on earth did CEO fall in love with this little fairy… The disinherited young master of Fu family.

Fu Jiu was sleeping very soundly, and she had no idea that so much had happened that night.

She didn’t know how others coped with their great aunties[1], but she hated this great auntie the most.

On one hand, this was the biggest enemy for someone pretending to be a boy. On the other hand, aside from the cramps, she always felt sleepy.

She still felt sh*tty the next day, and Fu Jiu asked for another day of leave. She didn’t leave her bedroom at all, and she even locked the door just to destroy all that “bloody evidence.”

When sunset came, she finally got her strength back and went for some hot soup.

Chen Xiaodong stopped her, looking very serious. “Young Master, just tell me the truth. You and Young Master Qin… You two, are you guys together now?”

“What do you think?” Fu Jiu didn’t directly answer his question, and she slid her hands into her pockets. “Time to test your IQ. Think well.”

Chen Xiaodong: “…”

Why did he have the feeling that his young master was treating him like a pet? How could he be so casual with him?

“Young Master, shouldn’t we be honest with each other?” Chen Xiaodong counted on his fingers. “If you are not together, why did he sit in your bedroom and look at you for twenty minutes while waiting for you to wake up?”

[1] period