Chapter 186

186 The Monthly Examination Starts, His Highness Jiu’s Revenge

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Fu Jiu heard this and her body quivered. “Took my temperature? Almighty Qin took my temperature?”

“Well, no. Young Master Qin just touched you on your forehead, that’s all,” Chen Xiaodong said.

Fu Jiu raised her eyebrows and laughed, “Good, so he just touched my forehead.”

“That was the scary part, alright?! Young Master Qin’s secretary was completely stunned too,” Chen Xiaodong kept on rambling, “Young Master, do you even know how complicated my mood was? I was happy for you but sad for myself. How should I tell Madam that you and Young Master are in a relationship now? Nobody could handle this kind of news, alright?”

Fu Jiu wasn’t really listening. When he was almost done talking, she hooked her finger up towards Chen Xiaodong.

Chen Xiaodong leaned in after he saw this gesture.

Fu Jiu patted his face. “Xiaodong, Xiaodong, your IQ is directly proportional to your height—always having these unrealistic dreams. Be careful when Almighty Qin finds out and turns you into dumplings with human meat stuffing!”

Chen Xiaodong was confused at first, but after he had gotten his senses back, he realized that his young master not only attacked his IQ, but also directly attacked his height!

Young Master Qin ordered him to take good care of his young master.

Does Young Master even need to be taken care of when he’s like this?

Either “he” was flirting, or “he” was on his way to flirt, or “he” was attacking him with “his” vicious tongue.

But he still thought that the gesture “he” had made while he was talking was extremely handsome. Chen Xiaodong was officially incurable!

After rehydrating, Fu Jiu lay back in her bed and slept the whole night.

When the day of the monthly examinations arrived, she put her uniform, which was cleaned long ago, back on again. She wore a black mask over her face, and she didn’t use her skateboard.

During winter, Jiang City was always foggy in the morning. Students could be heard playing and talking on the playground and the air seemingly smelled like Chinese savory crepes!

Fu Jiu woke up earlier today on purpose. Holding half a piece of a Chinese savory crepe in her mouth, she didn’t enter the school, instead standing at the entrance of an alley close to the school.

She had a clear target that she was waiting for: the one who was leading the pack that day.

Liu Zongming was on his phone with his head down, and he didn’t notice the danger at all.

By the time he realized it, he was already dragged into an alley by someone using great force.

Liu Zongming saw the young man’s face clearly and paused for a bit. He wanted to start cursing with his big mouth.

Fu Jiu wasn’t there to chitchat. A straight kick almost made Liu Zongming half-dead.

Her strength this time was different from the ones before.

This time, Fu Jiu was really using her raw strength.

Liu Zongming was rolling on the ground from the pain.

However, Fu Jiu was not even the slightest bit affected by it. Her eyes were extremely chilly and emotionless.

Liu Zongming had never seen such a cold face on a high school kid before.

But the next second, the young man started to laugh and rested his long leg on an iron box nearby. He lowered his eyes. “Don’t you want to punch me? Go ahead.”

“Fu Jiu! Today’s the monthly examination! You can’t beat me! Aren’t you worried that the teacher will cancel your qualification?” Liu Zongming was so helpless that even threatening words came out of him.

Fu Jiu only looked at him with a smile on her face. “It’s now 7:40 in the morning. The visibility is very low here, and I’m wearing a mask. Even if I beat you to death, nobody would have evidence to prove it was me. You think you can convince everyone with your one-sided words? Huh?”

In fact, Qin Mo was right.

People like Fu Jiu were great at committing these crimes, because she had long become used to acting.

Avoiding all eyes, she did her own hunting!

In her plans, she would never leave any evidence that would harm her…