Chapter 187 - His Highness Jiu’s Charm

187 His Highness Jiu’s Charm

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“You…You…” Liu Zongming was truly scared this time. The way Fu Jiu looked at him at this moment reminded him of the gaze of a thin reptile lurking in the dark, and Fu Jiu’s words were too scary to think about. Could it be that even if Fu Jiu beat him to death, he was not going to be held responsible?

Isn’t he still a high school kid?

They always beat people whenever they wanted to.

So when he beats someone, he destroys all evidence?

Liu Zongming thought this through and didn’t feel any better. Rather, cold sweat dripped down the back of his neck little by little.

He finally noticed that nobody would even pass through here–which meant, nobody was going to save him!

Fu Jiu was still half-smiling, and her long legs blocked Liu Zongming’s only way out. Those handsome, crafty eyes made people feel extra pressured.

Liu Zongming couldn’t stand up, and he stuttered as he tried to explain, “Fu Jiu, we, we are classmates. It’s normal for classmates to fight a little sometimes. It was my fault for lynching you, I apologize. No matter what, the exams are starting soon. It’s not, not good to be late!”

After hearing what he said, Fu Jiu raised her beautiful eyebrows. “Well, your attitude when confessing is nice, but that was not just a small fight between us.”

As she was talking, she reached her hand out. Her silver hair shifted slightly as she dragged Liu Zongming directly over by his collar. She lowered her handsome face closer to him. “You tricked me on purpose, didn’t you? And you want me to let you get away with it, fine. Get your phone out and call the one who was behind this.”

Liu Zongming’s eyes were shocked. “What, what behind this?”

“Student Liu.” Fu Jiu laughed slowly, and she patted his face with her right hand. “I’m not a very patient person. Are you calling him or not?”

Liu Zongming didn’t say a word.

Fu Jiu wasn’t in the mood to waste her time. She bent her right leg, preparing to fix him up again.

Liu Zongming hurriedly straightened his arms and shouted, “I’ll call, call!”

Fu Jiu laughed and threw him against the wall.

Liu Zongming knew that there was no way to escape. With the way “he” was now, if he didn’t call, Fu Jiu would really beat him to death!

In fact, Liu Zongming already felt pain all over his body. He didn’t understand why he wasn’t bleeding after being beaten up like that, but his trembling finger on the phone revealed his true condition. He was quivering from the pain all over his body.

On the other end of the call, Fu Ximing was curious as to why Liu Zongming called at this time.

He put his pencil bag on the wooden desk and answered with an arrogant voice. “What is it?”

“Young, Young Master Fu…” Liu Zongming’s breathing was shaky.

Fu Ximing frowned. “Where are you now? Why do you sound this way?”

Liu Zongming wanted to speak up.

Fu Jiu tapped on his wrist and spread her left hand open with a sly smile, indicating for him give the phone to her.

Liu Zongming didn’t dare to refuse.

He realized that, when Fu Jiu was angry, “he” naturally carried a scary sense of coldness. Even though “he” was smiling, “his” eyes were black like endless dark nights—completely empty and utterly sharp.

Liu Zongming’s hands were shaking as he put his phone on Fu Jiu’s palm.

Fu Jiu took the phone and curled her lips upwards. She put the phone next to her left ear, while her right leg remained in the same position. Her voice was freezing, but she still looked very handsome. “Fu Ximing…”