Chapter 188 - His Highness Jiu Slaps Fu Ximing’s Face

Chapter 188: His Highness Jiu Slaps Fu Ximing’s Face

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After hearing that familiar voice, Fu Ximing, who was in the classroom, completely froze.

Why was Liu Zongming’s phone in this scum’s hand?

Fu Jiu laughed before she said in a beautiful, deep voice, “Honestly, I’m curious about whether or not you feel ashamed when people call you Young Master Fu. Don’t you feel like your face is being slapped? Your name is not and will never be on the Fu family tree. Why is that? Oh, I remember now, because your mum is just a mistress who will never be able to get into the family legitimately, even though she had been planning for that to happen for so many years. How sad!”

“You!” Fu Ximing stood up in rage. His fingers paused and tightly squeezed the pencil in his hand. Making a sound like he was grinding his teeth, he replied, “Fu Jiu, who do you think you are? Who do you think your pathetic mum is? Her whole family is from the countryside. Dad wanted to dump her for so long, it’s just your mother who is holding on shamelessly. Don’t think too highly of yourselves! You are just a loser who can’t do anything about your mum’s company collapsing aside from looking on. How dare you brag in front of me! Where the hell did you get your confidence from?”

Compared to Fu Ximing’s furious tone, Fu Jiu sounded much more relaxed. “Fu Ximing, go back and tell Fu Zhongyi to give the stocks and properties back, then my mum will dump him right away with mercy. Just use your brain and see who is the one clinging onto the things that don’t belong to him. Moreover, B*st*rd Fu, if you want to fight, do it yourself, and don’t make yourself a joke by asking others to do so like a coward!”

Fu Jiu hung up after that and threw the phone back into Liu Zongming’s arms. She tilted her head to the side and put her mask back on, only revealing her eyes still glinting with leftover evilness. She casually stuck her hand into the pocket of her uniform as she slowly walked out of the alley. The view of her back was a sight to behold. As if she had never beat anyone up, she fed the little kitten on the roadside on her way out.

Fu Ximing was bursting with anger. That pretty face was cold to the extreme. He wanted to retort back but realized that Fu Jiu was gone, making him even more furious. When he called back, Liu Zongming picked up instead.

He had just stood up from the ground. “Young Master Fu.”

“What the f*ck happened?” Fu Ximing lowered his voice. His eyes were scarily evil. “How did that rubbish call me with your phone? Didn’t you tell me that you had already solved everything?”

Liu Zongming grimaced in both anger and fear. “I…Young Master Fu, it was not me. It was Fu Jiu. I don’t know where he picked up those moves, punching people nastily. My leg was almost broken by his kicking, and that day… Actually, we had seven people in total, but we still failed to surround him. Also, we had to rest for a couple of days to recover from the injuries inflicted by him…”

“Enough.” The more Fu Ximing listened, the more poisonous his eyes became. “Everyone knows how useless that pervert is. Seven or eight men couldn’t surround him, you say? Don’t talk bullsh*t, you’re just useless!”

“Young Master Fu, really, I’m not trying to get myself out of this. This gay is really difficult to deal with now!” Liu Zongming was trying so hard to explain, but the arrogant and frustrated Fu Ximing didn’t want to listen to his speech at all.

Fu Ximing could never accept that he had spent so much money to hire people to give Fu Jiu a lesson, but in the end, Fu Jiu called him with his man’s phone!

For Fu Ximing, this was an insulting slap in the face.

His face was burning with anger and rage. Even when he sat back on his seat, his fury still wasn’t soothed.

At the same time, the students of the First Middle School were continuously arriving at the exam rooms.

The monthly examinations, which would decide whether or not Fu Jiu could participate in the gaming contest, officially started…