Chapter 189 - His Highness Jiu in Exams

Chapter 189: His Highness Jiu in Exams

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Each year, the monthly examinations at this time were especially important to those students who played online games. They would behave so well that they became completely different people.

There was no need for the class teacher to say anything; all of them would be present.

No.1 Middle School had always stuck to rules.

Cheating was absolutely forbidden.

But saying it was forbidden was one thing; students would still bash their brains out to peek at others’ sheets and cheat.

Whenever there was a new policy that came out, there was always a way to deal with it.

Aside from those masters at studying who had great scores, boys would usually discuss well before the tests and find a good student among them to get the answers first then send them into their group chat. When everything was done, they would treat that person to good food.

It was certainly risky.

Everyone had their minds on their own issues, and nobody knew Fu Jiu was just in a fight.

People didn’t have monthly exams in their own classrooms. Usually, a few classes would be mixed up. So when Fu Jiu walked into a new classroom with her number, every single student in the classroom instantly froze up.

Only because… “he” was simply too handsome!

The young man was tall and slim. He stood with his back to the lights, and his left hand was in the pocket of his uniform. He had silver hair and a black mask over his face, only revealing those killer eyes.

“Who is that!”

The girls already started to ask around with their heads turned.

Meanwhile, there were a few from Fu Jiu’s fan club whose hearts tightened. “It’s His Highness Jiu! I can’t believe that he’s in the same exam classroom as us!”

“His Highness Jiu?”

“You don’t know him? He’s the new school hunk who got super popular on the school forums recently.”

“New school hunk? Come on, that gay, he’s on the waiting list of exams. Plus, No.1 Middle School focuses on personal abilities, not just good looks. He has no abilities at all, so what qualifies him to be the school hunk?”

“Anyways, he’s really popular.”

“Just wait. After these monthly exams, those fangirls will rethink it. After all, he will still rank dead last.”

“Not only does he rank dead last every time, he is also a total nouveau riche. His little brother is different—that’s a real genius. And him? He only knows to play, drink, and eat while waiting for death…”

There were good and bad discussions about Fu Jiu, but she only took the mask off with her head down. She held her chin and looked at those who had turned their heads to watch her. To those girls who called her His Highness Jiu, she winked at them and looked at them all with a smile.

“I melted! Melted!”

“His Highness Jiu is breaking the rules. He’s flirting with us again!”

The girls had such benefits, and they all felt happy and lucky.

Fu Jiu always did things in this way. She only cared about making those who liked her happy. She really didn’t care about those who didn’t like her and let them be.

The proctor for this exam walked in and realized that there was something different about this classroom. Those girls who sat on the first few rows acted like they had just seen their idol in a concert. After the teacher saw Fu Jiu in the back, he finally understood that there was a handsome boy in the room.

“Okay, you all know your exam numbers.” The proctor checked the watch on his wrist. “There is still one minute left. Those who are in the wrong room, please go to your exam rooms as soon as possible. After a minute, I will hand the papers out.”

The first exam was English.

English was a strong skill for any hacker. Furthermore, Fu Jiu used be around the Fifth Avenue area a lot, so English was not the only foreign language that she knew.

The duration of time allocated for the exam was two hours, but Fu Jiu finished the paper within an hour and handed it in first.

That proctor saw the young man put the paper on the desk and didn’t say more.

He also knew about Fu Jiu, who was ranked dead last in the whole school. Maybe it was just too painful for him because he didn’t know the answers, so he simply ended the torture by handing his papers in early. He had already met this kind of student before…