Chapter 19 - Fu Jiu, Let Them Come Beg Me!

Chapter 19: Fu Jiu, Let Them Come Beg Me!

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The guidance director heard her words and instantly became enraged. “Okay, okay, okay! Fu Jiu, you win! Our school can’t educate students like you! You listen, even if your mother begs me, I won’t do anything! Rubbish like you can just go anywhere you want!”


He hung up.

He Honghua reacted with her hand was still grabbing Fu Jiu’s arm.

Even though Fu Jiu was a girl, she was 5’8” tall. She was taller than the short, chubby He Honghua by a whole head.

“You kid! Why are you acting so naively!” He Honghua was so anxious that she forgot to be angry. All she wanted was to bow her head down and make that phone call again!

Fu Jiu held her waist and spoke softly, “Mum, I don’t care about that school. You don’t need to be like this.”

He Honghua’s hand stopped in the middle of calling back. Her daughter hadn’t called her ‘Mum’ for a long time already.

She was not sure since when it started, but they immediately fought whenever they saw each other.

She knew that her daughter didn’t want to see her, and that she also didn’t want her showing up at her school.

Calling her ‘Mum’ like that and holding her—those were things of the past, many many years ago…

He Honghua almost couldn’t believe her own ears.

Fu Jiu smiled at her, then turned her head and said to the rest of the people, “My mother hasn’t eaten anything yet. Ask the maid to cook a few dishes and make some sweet potato congee.”

“Yes, Young Master!” Chen Xiaodong took the order and bolted for the kitchen.

In fact, he was shocked too!

When did Young Master ever care about Madam this much?

In similar situations before, Young Master would have only screamed at Madam.

After that, both of them would become really upset.

Throwing cell phones around and all of that was just normal.

But after Young Master returned from the hospital, he felt like he became… he became a good person!

He Honghua was still confused when she sat down. She found it surreal until Fu Jiu picked up some food and put it in her bowl.

He Honghua turned her head and looked at Fu Jiu’s messy silver hair. The hand that held her chopsticks was shaking.

She deliberately controlled her eating pace since He Honghua knew that her daughter didn’t like how she ate…

Fu Jiu turned her head. That face was overly handsome, and her gaze was on the rice that He Honghua picked up grain by grain. She knew.

Without saying a word, she picked up her bowl directly, mixed a dish into it with the chopsticks, and put two mouthfuls of rice in her mouth at once, causing her cheeks to become plump. She smiled at He Honghua, looking surprisingly cute. “Even the food tastes better when eating with Mum.”

When He Honghua looked at Fu Jiu, she couldn’t help but cover her mouth. Her eyes were very red.

Fu Jiu put down her chopsticks and sat next to her mother. She pulled her in by her shoulder and wiped away He Honghua’s tears. “Mum, I’m sorry for everything in the past. I won’t act like that anymore.”

Just those few words made He Honghua unable to calm herself down for a long time.

Fu Jiu looked at this middle-aged woman whom she had always looked down upon. But her mother never gave up on her for that. She called herself an a**hole again inside…

The mother-and-daughter duo embarked on a new page of their story. He Honghua was overjoyed. She asked what Fu Jiu wanted with a red face, thinking she would buy anything for her.

Fu Jiu knew that even though He Honghua was in business, she wasn’t as rich as Fu Zhongyi.

Fu Zhongyi had fun having an affair outside the family, making it difficult for He Honghua to work around in the business world. People laughed at how boorish she was and how she couldn’t tame her own man. Additionally, with her background, things were harder for her than for others.

“Mum, I don’t need anything. It’s you who should be resting more since the business negotiations aren’t going so well.” Fu Jiu massaged He Honghua’s arms.

He Honghua felt warm in her heart after hearing her daughter’s words. She didn’t want to say things that would jeopardize the harmonious atmosphere, but she would be too worried if she didn’t say it.

“Jiu, I know you don’t like to study, but a man needs knowledge. Mum will try to think of a way to let you return to school. You…”

Fu Jiu interrupted He Honghua as she said every word clearly, “About this issue, Mum, you don’t need to look for anyone’s help. I will make them beg for me to return!”