Chapter 190 - The Almighty’s Presence Was Still There

Chapter 190: The Almighty’s Presence Was Still There

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The others who were mocking Fu Jiu felt the same way as they looked at one another. After their belittling laughter, they buried their heads back into those test papers.

Since there was still a long time before the exam ended, the proctor had nothing to do, so he picked up the only paper on the desk and started checking it.

To his surprise, Fu Jiu guessed the first question correctly…

The proctor was just killing time, so he continued down the paper. What? He guessed the second question correctly too?

The third question… Also correct?!

The fourth, the fifth… Even the reading comprehension questions were all correct!

The more the proctor looked, the wider his eyes became. His pupils started to quiver, and even his face had shock written all over it!

All… All correct?!

How is this even possible?!

All the other examinees in the classroom didn’t know what had happened to their proctor. They only saw him stand up abruptly! They all thought that he had caught sight of something, and those who were cheating became extremely scared and instantly shuffled their phones back into their pockets!

Who would’ve thought that the proctor would just stand there and murmur, “Perfect score, this is definitely a perfect score….”

What was a perfect score?

What was the teacher talking about?

The examinees were all confused, with dazed expressions on their faces.

The good thing was that the proctor wasn’t in a good condition today, so they could copy a few more answers.

Today was a whole day of exams from morning till afternoon.

This day was torture for most of the students, but for Fu Jiu, it was a good day. She could use the bathroom freely while the others were answering their exams since she was the first to hand in each of the test papers.

The last exam was physics, and it was Fu Jiu’s biggest downfall.

Compared to the other exams on that day, she was much more careful on this one.

The proctor happened to be Fu Jiu’s physics teacher.

She saw Fu Jiu, but for her, she cared only about those good students’ scores. She wouldn’t really look at those who were lagging behind.

After the test papers were distributed, Fu Jiu went on to tackle the big questions first. She glanced over them and murmured to herself, “Good job, my big brother.” He predicted all the questions correctly.

In later exams, she would consecrate that god. He was much more useful than Buddha himself.

Fu Jiu curled her lips up into a smile and started writing with the carbon pencil.

The light from outside spread over the young man’s face, which had skin so fair that it almost looked transparent. Through the windows, one could almost feel the gentle peacefulness of life from her face.

They said that hard working men were the most handsome.

But they still didn’t expect that this hard working young man could be this handsome.

The girl who was sitting next to Fu Jiu couldn’t bear it anymore. After the teacher had passed by, she muted her phone and took a few pictures of Fu Jiu.

Fu Jiu answered really quickly, and when she moved on to the multiple choice questions, for some reason she felt that she had seen all those questions before.

A scene of that god tutoring her popped up in her head.

The man held his her lazily and tapped on her head with one hand. Even his voice sounded “expensive,” and he looked quite emotionless. “You can’t even remember such a simple formula. I really overestimated your IQ.”

Every time Fu Jiu thought of the way that god looked, she felt extremely wronged. She bit on her pencil, then continued writing!

To prove her IQ, she needed to answer them correctly!

For this reason, although forty minutes had not passed yet, Fu Jiu not only finished the test paper, but also double checked all the answers one more time. She handed in her paper first yet again…