Chapter 191 - Signing up for the Gaming Contest

Chapter 191: Signing up for the Gaming Contest

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Usually at this time, Fu Jiu would still be in class, but since she handed in her papers early today, she simply called Baby Feng to go out with her.

This time, they didn’t go to the internet cafe.

Instead, they headed directly to He Corporation.

That’s right, He Honghua’s company.

Since the monthly exams were over, there were only three days left before the gaming contest.

Three days’ time. She already needed to decide on the representative contestants.

Lord Jiu was directly taking her team member to put his name under the company!

He Honghua wasn’t at the company because she was out traveling to find contestants to represent her company.

Without her knowing, Fu Jiu had already found them for her and formed a team of five.

When Fu Jiu walked into He Corporation, the assistant on the phone was stunned. She stood up right away, and her complexion instantly looked awful.

How else would she possibly be?

Every time this nouveau riche came over, he only either threw things everywhere or shouted at He Honghua. This young master vented his temper on people however he liked.

If her son was like this, she would rather strangle him to save herself some trouble.

But to the assistant’s surprise, the young man curled her lips up and smiled at her. There were stars in his eyes, and he smelled sweet like candy. “I brought people to register. I would like to trouble Sister Li to get an application sheet for me.”

The young man didn’t stop moving while he was saying that. He had one hand in his pocket, and his long legs casually moved ahead, pushing the office door open.

As if… As if he were the owner of this company!

The young man stood at the door and thought that the assistant didn’t hear him. He turned around with that beautiful face and his eyebrows lifted. His voice had undertones of laughter, and the note of inquiry in his tone held an inexplicable sexiness, “Sister Li?”

The assistant froze and looked at that silver-haired young man with snowy skin again. She was met with those clean, fresh eyes, and she nodded uncontrollably… She must be cursed!

Feng Shang looked to the side. He was successfully conquered by his idol once again…

Fu Jiu didn’t feel like there was anything wrong with her own actions. She sat on the boss’s chair, crossed her legs, and took over some of the itineraries on He Honghua’s table that were waiting to be confirmed. They were all about the contestants for the contest.

That form was crossed out by pen over and over again. Fu Jiu could imagine how much heart and soul He Honghua had put into the gaming contest.

He Honghua came from the countryside, and everyone knew about it.

But they didn’t know that He Honghua had never gone to school, so she had learned to write all by herself.

The handwriting on the sheet looked round and childish.

Fu Jiu touched that sheet, before writing down four names on the sheet that the assistant brought over.

“How’s that?” After writing, she tilted her head towards Feng Shang.

Student Feng’s eyes brightened up. “Awesome!”

Qualifying, 4PK4, official standard.

When he saw this form, Feng Shang finally felt like he was a professional player now.

“I-Idol, gi-give our team a name!”

Fu Jiu lifted her eyebrows. “Name? I’m the one giving it?”

“Hell, yeah!” Feng Shang nodded and said deeply, “I-I-If idol can’t think of one, I-I-I can do it, li-li-like <Happy Go Lucky Brigade>!”

Fu Jiu: “…” He does have a special taste…

“Let me do it then. Since they’re looking down upon the He family so much, and looking down upon my mother, then we should have a straightforward name.” Fu Jiu stood up and walked towards the ceiling-to-floor window in the office. The bottom of her eyes, which were reflecting the city lights, lit up abruptly. “<He Corps>. From today henceforth, we are called <He Corps>.”