Chapter 192 - Young Master Qin Waiting for a Text

Chapter 192: Young Master Qin Waiting for a Text

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All the signup sheets would be uploaded electronically, and the systems would automatically identify the players’ company.

Every company that had signed up would have a red stamp.

He Honghua was riding the high-speed rail back to Jiang City. She was so troubled about not finding enough players that she even thought about paying a large sum of money to hire people, but nobody who played games well wanted to come to He Corporation even if they only had a little bit of reputation.

And an additional deliberate pressure from someone… made He Honghua’s situation really difficult.

There were still three days before the gaming contest, but she didn’t even have enough players… So she should just bow down to her destiny…

He Honghua took her phone out and reloaded the association’s enrollment webpage.

To her utter surprise, after reloading it, a red message popped up on the page!

After viewing that message, He Honghua thought that her eyes were having some problems, so she rubbed them with her meaty fingers. When she looked again, it was still there!

<He Corps> showed up on there out of nowhere with its huge presence under He Corporation, and it was given the red stamp by the association. This was all reflected back into He Honghua’s eyes.

He Honghua quickly clicked open that message.

All the players’ names appeared in front of her eyes.

Xue Yaoyao.

Feng Shang.

Yin Wuyao.

Fu Jiu?!

When she saw the last name, He Honghua’s pupils dilated in shock, and she checked it over and over again to make sure she saw the correct name.

Additionally, there were the team members’ photos and ID information.

That young man in the picture could make the stars shy away from him, especially with those curled thin lips. With the way she looked into the lens and the mischief in her eyes, any girl who saw her would start screaming uncontrollably.

She didn’t know why, but He Honghua’s eyes welled up with tears.

Aside from the website, only the association had the authority to see each company’s information. This was for the sake of fairness.

All contestants needed to enroll with their real names. After arriving at the contest hall, they could switch to their in-game names to compete. That was also to create some mystery, so that the discussion would be more heated.

Therefore, He Honghua still didn’t know that Fu Jiu was <Spade Z>.

What moved her was that Fu Jiu had stood up for her at such a difficult time. Even though her family’s Jiu was a gaming scum and had a simple mind, she must have found the other three contestants somewhere just to participate.

But with this team, at least she was qualified to participate, and she would not become a joke in the industry…

He Honghua thought up to here and laughed out merrily.

Who cares! Even if they lose the game, I still have my Jiu!

He Honghua looked at her phone happily and smiled again. She looked outside the window. Spade Z still hadn’t showed up, but the result was quite obvious now. She had no hope, but she was still thankful to that unknown master player who had helped her at her most difficult time.

She would carry on with He Corporation. She wasn’t educated, nor did she know etiquette well, but she wouldn’t be toppled down for the sake of her Jiu.

He Honghua was a bumpkin. She had nothing but money, and it was all for her Jiu to spend!

But, He Honghua would never guess that her Jiu was actually that <Spade Z>…

After registering, Fu Jiu played a game with Feng Shang.

That day was her last time logging in as Spade Z before the contest, and nothing abnormal happened.

After playing a round in the game, Fu Jiu gathered all her teammates for dinner. All students knew the good feeling after finishing exams, so they were completely relaxed, wanting to party all night.

9 p.m. at night.

Qin Mo was still analyzing the battles at Qin Corporation Club, and he checked his phone again.

Still no news…