Chapter 193 - Announcing the Scores

Chapter 193: Announcing the Scores

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Almost all of the players on the team noticed their captain’s actions.

It was not because they were extremely observant!

It was just that… This was the fifth time that he had checked on his phone!

From 5:30 p.m. up to now, whenever Captain had a little free time, he would look at his phone… It was so weird!

The cat-like young man COCO noticed the gossipy looks on everyone’s faces, and he swiftly created a small group chat. “Do you guys want to know whose call Captain is waiting for?”

“Of course!”


“COCO, hurry up and spill it! Then big brother will take you to win some games!”

COCO held his cup of coffee and laughed naughtily, “Who else could pull on Captain’s heart this much aside from Spade Z!”

“Spade Z?” The players became even more passionate, and they all started to text nonstop in the group chat!

COCO sighed like an elder, “That’s right, Spade Z. Let me count how many times Captain got stood up by Spade Z? Captain was never this patient with us!”

“You know that I don’t have patience with you, and you still say that?”

A cold, deep voice broke into his ears, and COCO instantly froze up.

Qin Mo put his team coat on as he spoke slowly and coldly, “Barbecue for dinner. Take COCO, let him watch.”

COCO lowered his head and bit on the rabbit’s ear: “…” Captain, why are you being so cruel to me? Why don’t you lose your temper with Spade Z?

Fatty patted his shoulder from the side and comforted him, “COCO, you can’t compare with Spade Z. His techniques, hand speed, and skill with viruses are all so rare nationwide!”

Fatty always got excited when talking about <Spade Z>, and he very badly wanted to meet his idol again.

COCO: “…” Fatty, are you sure you haven’t become a fanboy of Spade Z?!

After Qin Mo walked out of the room, he frowned. His long, fair fingers moved, and he made a call straight away.

But it said that the other party’s phone was OFF!

In a split second, Qin Mo’s eyes had already frosted over.

He thought that the young man would report to him first after his monthly exams.

But now, it seemed that he overthought things…


After thinking of this word, Qin Mo tilted his head. He laughed deeply and threw his phone aside as he came up with a few methods to educate his little brother.

The most satisfying way among them was to disable “him.”

For that, he especially called his previous business partner and told the other party that he finally understood how it felt when your little brother was making trouble and not listening.

That boss who received his call was confused, and became even more so when he hung up.

Qin Mo didn’t realize how weird his actions were. He simply felt that absorbing others’ experiences was more efficient than learning it all by oneself.


No matter how people told him to be more gentle, the gentlest way that he could think of was to catch that young man and give him a good lesson. At least he needed to let him know that even during his rebellious phase, he still needed to report to his big brother what he was doing.


Fu Jiu didn’t know that she had pissed off that god again. After collecting her mood, she threw herself in bed, and her sleepy face peeked out from under her wet silver hair.

Monthly exams were different from midterms; scores were given out way faster.

The next day, students went to school in a state of utter unease.

First period was English.

From the English teacher’s happy and light steps, everyone could tell that she was in a good mood.

“I am beyond happy today. Before I give out all the test papers, I need to praise someone in particular!”