Chapter 194 - Full Score, Crit!

Chapter 194: Full Score, Crit!

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Everyone in class was guessing who would be praised by the teacher.

Of course, it would be those top students who sat in the front.

Who would have thought…

The English teacher said a name that nobody could have guessed, “Fu Jiu! Not only was her English score ranked first in class, but she was also one of the few who got a full score!

Full… score?!

For a moment, everyone in class looked towards the young man at the back!

Their eyes were completely filled with disbelief!

Whether it was Jiang Feiyang or Liu Zongming, who were both beaten up quite badly by Fu Jiu before the exams, their eyes were all trembling!

Jiang Feiyang was stunned, because nobody had exceeded his scores in class before.

Liu Zongming was stunned, because if Fu Jiu had received full score, then wouldn’t he he become the new dead last in class?

That was right! Liu Zongming was the legendary second from the bottom!

But all this didn’t matter! The point was that—!

Fu Jiu used to rank last, so how did she receive a full score!

Everyone’s eyes were delivering various messages. Some were impressed, some were jealous, and some were shocked. Of course, most people simply couldn’t believe it!

Fu Jiu herself didn’t feel anything special. For her, as long as she could pass and it didn’t affect her participation in the gaming contest, she was happy.

Of course, getting a full score was to make her mother happy.

She couldn’t allow people to mock He Honghua whenever they wanted or let them say that her son was a useless gay who was only capable of ranking dead last.

That mocking was different from that god’s way of teasing.

The English teacher gave the test papers to that silver-haired young man. The more she looked at her, the more she liked her. He was simply their class treasure. Not only was he extremely good looking, he was also now very good at studying. Most importantly, when Fu Jiu recited the original lines from Jane Eyre last time, she had already stolen the teacher’s heart, and she would praise Fu Jiu in front of anyone she ran into.

They thought that after one critical hit, it would be done.

But the students in class did not expect that there would come a second crit!

Second period, math.

“Everyone, I’m just so thrilled today. Before I give out the test papers, I have to praise someone!”

All the students: “…” Why does this sound so familiar!!!

“Fu Jiu!” The math teacher had a habit. When he was excited, he would speak with an accent from his hometown. “Fu Jiu, this kiddo, really is the bast and most diligant studant I have ever seen!”(accent)

All the students: “…” Diligent? Teacher, are you sure you are talking about Fu Jiu? Who’s always asking for leaves?

“It is said that everything comes to him who waits. I’m veli veli satisfad with Fu Jiu’s score this time!” The math teacher swung the test papers, acting like a leader giving a speech. “Full score!”

Again ?!

All the students were dumbfounded. They looked dazedly at the silver-haired young man, who walked up to get “his” test paper. He was dazzlingly handsome.

Third period!

The students didn’t wait for the happy teacher to speak up and said directly, “Teacher, can you just tell us who got the full score this time?”

“Full score?” That teacher tittered, “How’s that possible? This is Chinese; nobody gets a full score for writing.”

The students: Crap, that’s right. How did we forget that scores get deducted from writing no matter what!

“BUT, I am still really overjoyed! Teacher needs to praise someone today!”

The students: “…”

Teachers, you’ve all discussed this, right!

Can’t you at least change the opening line!

“Fu Jiu, her article was amazing. Teacher only deducted one point from it!”

The students: How’s that different from a full score!!!

That day, when the test results were announced, the students in the worst class endured a whole day of crits.

Until the last period, physics…