Chapter 195 - Copied? Guessed the Questions?

Chapter 195: Copied? Guessed the Questions?

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The teacher walked inside with the test papers. She didn’t look happy, and her facial expression was also brewing with an inexplicable seriousness.

“Class monitor, come and hand the papers out,” the physics teacher said, before looking at the back. She added in a cold tone, “Fu Jiu, come with me.”

The students were confused by this extremely contradictory attitude, and they all had dazed faces.

All the teachers before were praising Fu Jiu, completely delivering critical hits to all of them.

But when the physics teacher came, it was like this…

Maybe Fu Jiu’s score was too low?!


No matter how low Fu Jiu’s score was before, the teacher was always indifferent.

Everyone could tell that that teacher had given up on Fu Jiu from early on, and that she didn’t care how many points “he” received at all.

But from the teacher’s behavior today, it didn’t look like it was because of the score…

So, if it wasn’t about the score, then what was it about?

Fu Jiu raised her eyebrow, put her book away, and walked out of the classroom with a straight back.

The physics teacher didn’t say much. As they walked, there was not the slightest hint of a smile on her face. She took the young man directly into the grade office.

Before Fu Jiu entered, she had heard the clamor of arguments inside.

“I simply don’t believe that a dead last student could have such great scores! First among the whole grade?! Our class A’s students who go for the Olympics only have two perfect scores at most! And him? Five perfect scores?! Let’s just talk about physics; how on earth can he get a full score? Even his teacher said that Fu Jiu’s physics scores were the lowest before and that he couldn’t even recite a formula? Full score? There’s more to it for sure!”

The physics teacher paused a little, then pushed the door open and entered.

Instantly, the office quieted down.

But the teachers’ faces didn’t change a bit. Nobody bought this.

After seeing Fu Jiu, they sipped on their water and glanced at Fu Jiu. Their eyes were very much full of disdain.

“Stand there.” The physics teacher sat back in her seat and sighed at Fu Jiu, “After last time’s incident, our school has paid more attention when dealing with the issues of students. If it wasn’t for anything important, we wouldn’t ask for a student to come over and talk with us. I understand that everyone wants to get good scores, but the teachers are not blind. Each of them have a clear understanding about each student. Now that all of the class teachers are here, we all believe that your monthly exams’ scores are problematic this time. Fu Jiu, can you tell us how you got your scores this time? I’m just asking; our school is careful with punishing its students now, so if you admit it now, I assure you that the school will give you another chance…”

Hearing what was said up to this point, a silent Fu Jiu finally spoke up. Her mouth was half-curled up into a smile. “Admit it is a mistake? I just took my exams. What’s wrong with that?”

“Fu Jiu!”

Fu Jiu pushed the physics teacher’s buttons, and she angrily slammed her pen down with a “pa” sound. Her chest was heaving up and down. “So you are not going to admit it? Then let me ask you. A week ago, you didn’t even understand all the physics questions, so how come you understood everything in the exams?”