Chapter 196 - Almighty Qin Is a Little Brother Maniac

Chapter 196: Almighty Qin Is a Little Brother Maniac

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In contrast to the physics teacher’s nasty temper, Fu Jiu was much calmer. She had one hand in her pocket and looked as handsome as always. She only indifferently threw a word at the other party: “Tutoring.”

“Tutoring?” The physics teacher laughed coldly, “I don’t know what your mother did to get the test questions ahead of time. Our school didn’t do well on preventing that, but every human being knows that it’s impossible to get full scores in just seven days. That’s ridiculous; what kind of magical tutoring can do that? If you have such a great tutor, then what do you need us teachers for?

The physics teacher finished talking, and the other classes’ teachers scoffed coldly, too, “If you have such a magical tutor, I, Teacher Li, will resign myself and invite him to teach at No.1 Middle School.”

“Exactly! At least give us some more realistic lies! This kind of shady lie, which was seen though as soon as you said it, is meaningless!”

“Heh, our school needs also to investigate and find out who sold the test questions, making our Class A lose to a dead last. Who would even believe it?”

That supervisor wasn’t so angry. After all, last time’s issue was too big, and he didn’t want to risk his career and be responsible for anything.

“Let’s do it this way. Fu Jiu, call your parents. We need to solve this.”

Fu Jiu’s thin lips bent upwards even more, and her voice sounded deeper than before, “Solve? How? Fire this teacher who’s blackmailing me?”

“Fire?!” That teacher felt amused. “Fu Jiu, Ms. Zhang is here. She knows your academic performance the best. Okay, you can say I’m blackmailing you, but can you say that your own class teacher is blackmailing you as well?”

Ms. Zhang was Fu Jiu’s physics teacher. She had held her opinions about Fu Jiu for a long time; therefore, once all the other teachers found and brought her here, she didn’t have the slightest intentions of protecting Fu Jiu anyway. She was different from Fu Jiu’s English teacher; she would never believe that Fu Jiu could get a perfect score!

“Fu Jiu, about today’s issue, either you admit it, or we will call your parents.”

Hearing that, Fu Jiu completely narrowed her eyes, and that pair of eyes were instantly filled with leaking black fog. Her phone had been buzzing in her pocket nonstop since a while ago, but she didn’t check it.

The teacher at the side was angry. “Now, call your mother.”

Fu Jiu suddenly laughed out loud. Her eyes were utterly cold. “There’s no need to call my mother over such an insignificant issue.” She took her phone out as she was speaking and pressed the button to answer the call. Putting it next to her ear, she greeted, “Hello, Brother Mo.”

“Where are you?” The man’s voice sounded like premium wine that had been preserved in a freezer. The chill which came out could be felt even over the phone,.

Fu Jiu still had her smile on her face, and she sounded casual as she replied, “The teacher asked me to come to the office, so I couldn’t pick up your calls. They said I cheated in the exams and asked me to call my parents. I’m still dealing with it, so I will call you back when I’m done with this.”

Qin Mo was sitting in the back of his Hummer, and after hearing this, his long fingers paused and his eyes deepened. Slowly putting the files aside, he said in a deep, majestic tone, “Which office?”


“I asked which office you were in.”

Fu Jiu: “The grade office.”

“Stay there and wait.”

Four words—not too cold, not too hot. One couldn’t even perceive any emotions from them.

But whoever knew Qin Mo well enough would know that he was the most dangerous when he was emotionless…