Chapter 197 - Little Brother Was Being Treated Unfairly?

Chapter 197: Little Brother Was Being Treated Unfairly?

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Even after Fu Jiu had hung up, she was still a little confused… So that god was saying that he was coming?

The teachers weren’t letting Fu Jiu get away with it, seeing her get on the phone like that. After all, this would affect the academic rankings.

“Fu Jiu, if you still don’t make a decision, we will jointly make an announcement; namely, that No.1 Middle School wouldn’t allow a student with problematic behavior to be the school’s first ranked student.”

Fu Jiu put her phone down and held it in her hand, playing with it a little. She ignored them, simply standing there with a smile.

Each of those teachers was pissed off by Fu Jiu, because she was basically looking at them like they were some sort of clowns!

The physics teacher was the one affected the most. Just as she was about to say something, a cool and regal voice slowly floated over from next to the door.

“Problematic behavior?”

That voice wasn’t too loud, but there was ice and snow being generated inside of it. It was a really beautiful voice, and it created a certain sense of coolness that was as deep as an ancient well.

After hearing these words, almost everyone turned over to see who possessed that voice.

They only saw a man standing with his back against the light. He was wearing a black suit, completely exhibiting his great figure.

Regal, distinguished, and lofty.

These were the adjectives that people would instantly think of after seeing this man.

It might not only be because of his great figure, but his whole body was also exuding a sense of sexy dignity.

He was just standing at the door of the office while casually holding his phone. His eyes were overly deep.

At that moment, all eyes met his smooth, diamond-like eyes.

You would fall deep inside them with only one look.

After seeing that man, not only did all the teachers shut up, but even the director stood up with a “swoosh”: “Young Master Qin, why, why are you here?”

Qin Mo ignored the director. Instead, he walked over to the young man’s side and looked at Fu Jiu’s face with his deep eyes, like he was checking on something important.

Fu Jiu showed her frustrations appropriately.

Qin Mo’s eyes cooled down after seeing her expression. Are you being treated unfairly?

As the young man’s guardian, he needed to settle this with all those teachers.

Of course, under normal circumstances, Almighty Qin’s style was—complete annihilation!

However, the teachers didn’t know those two’s relationship yet. Putting up smiles on their faces for Almighty Qin, they said, “Young Master Qin, the monthly exams have just finished. It is such a shame that we have a student who cheated this year, and he isn’t admitting it no matter what, insisting that he had a tutor. What kind of tutor can help a dead last student get a full score in such a short span of seven days? This is absolutely impossible! And he was being so stubborn, it was just…”

The teachers didn’t get to finish because Qin Mo coldly interrupted them, “Me.”

“Hah?” The teachers were confused. Me? What does it mean?

“I am his tutor,” Qin Mo said this, then laughed. This laughter was different from all other laughter that Fu Jiu had ever heard from him. This was genuinely bloodthirsty laughter. Then he reached out his right hand, and the bodyguards behind him brought out a stack of papers.

Qin Mo put those papers on the desk as his black-gloved hand glided over on top of them. “These are all the test questions that I predicted for him recently. You can check them out.”

Long before Qin Mo had said, “I am his tutor,” all the teachers had already frozen up. Now that they saw concrete papers covered in writing in front of them, their foreheads were covered with a layer of sweat.

They only just now realized how coldly Young Master Qin was looking at them.

That look was so cold, it as if he was about to kill someone.