Chapter 198 - Almighty Qin as a Guardian

Chapter 198: Almighty Qin as a Guardian

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How was this possible?

Nobody could believe that Fu Jiu’s tutor was Young Master Qin!

Regret was not enough to express these teachers’ moods now. Their faces were bright red, and they wanted to jump into a crack in the ground. This face slap was just too embarrassing!

Everyone knew how powerful Qin Mo was. Not only did he have a distinguished family background, he also had incomparable scores and IQ.

Looking at those physics test questions that he had predicted correctly, the grade supervisor suddenly remembered that Young Master Qin did ask him about physics classes not too long ago while mentioning the girl-boy deskmate policy.

He thought Young Master Qin was asking for his girlfriend… but now… he figured it was for Fu Jiu?!

After remembering this, the grade supervisor’s eyes shook severely. They had made a complete mess of today’s issue, and most likely, they had wronged Fu Jiu!

Fu Jiu’s physics teacher wanted to explain for the other teachers.


Almighty Qin never gave others second chances concerning such issues.

He took off his black glove and looked up with his indifferent eyes. “I heard that some teacher wouldn’t let this go until Fu Jiu called his guardian. Since the tutoring matter is cleared up now, let’s talk about you guys blackmailing my little brother into confessing to cheating.”

Little brother?

All those who were present were deeply shocked once again!

Since when did that nouveau riche Fu Jiu become Young Master Qin’s little brother!

Every teacher at that moment couldn’t say a word. They were acting so uncomfortably it was like there was something lodged in their throats.

Fu Jiu lifted her beautiful eyebrows. “What? You don’t want to talk about it?”

When Fu Jiu asked this question, Qin Mo tilted his head and laughed out loud. He sounded regal still, but his voice froze those people’s spines, “That’s not up for you to decide. My little brother is in the rebellious phase of his adolescence. In psychology, that means that his mental capacity to endure trauma is at its worst now. As a teacher, when a student receives a full score, shouldn’t you praise him? But you blackmailed him without any investigation. It is very likely that you have just made him mentally traumatized!”

Fu Jiu: “…”

Even though she really shouldn’t cut in at this time, but where in the world did this god get the idea that she was in the rebellious phase of her adolescence right now?

Qin Mo didn’t see the young man communicating with him with his eyes. Even if he did, he would think that the young man was being bullied. He came to school as a guardian for the very first time, so he surely couldn’t let things develop badly, continuing onward in an indifferent voice, “Supervisor Li, how come the quality of No.1 Middle School has dropped this low? Why don’t I, the biggest shareholder, know about this?”

When the grade supervisor heard his name being called, his face became covered in cold sweat. “Young, Young Master Qin, this, this issue…”

“Do you want to solve this privately or publicly?” Qin Mo didn’t allow him to finish his sentence as he looked at those teachers standing aside, sounding rather well-mannered.

Each and every one of those teachers clearly knew internally that no matter which way he solved this, publicly or privately, they would no longer be able to teach at No.1 Middle School!

Especially Fu Jiu’s physics teacher. Her whole face turned completely white. Her pale skin looked like thin paper that would break with a simple poke. “Young Master Qin, we only thought that a bad student wouldn’t do so well in exams, that’s all, so we asked Fu Jiu to tell us the truth. We didn’t mean to blackmail him.”

“I’m asking you one more time, privately or publicly?” Qin Mo didn’t listen to her at all as he lowered his voice. He only had one glove on, and he looked like a demon who was ready to tear people’s flesh into pieces—both handsome and evil…