Chapter 199

Chapter 199: Almighty Qin Enjoys Being a Guardian So Much

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To them, Young Master Qin’s question sounded like, “Do you want your left or right hand chopped off?”

It didn’t matter which; something was going to be chopped off!

“Can’t make the decision?” Qin Mo shifted his gaze away from them and sounded emotionless as he continued, “Then don’t choose. Supervisor Li, record these few teachers’ qualifications in the file.”

So, he is dealing with this publicly then?

The teachers were worried. As soon as they were filed, then not only would be they unable to teach at No.1 Middle School, they could no longer be teachers!

“Young Master Qin, I choose private!” Teacher Zhang’s voice changed. “I will answer all of Fu Jiu’s requests. This issue is not serious enough to be filed yet. It was a misunderstanding from the beginning.”

Teacher Zhang’s words sounded like she was confessing, but in fact, she didn’t apologize at all. She only repeated that it was a misunderstanding.

“Oh? Private?” Qin Mo looked up and glanced to her direction. He raised his voice as he said carelessly, “Then Teacher Zhang, please prepare yourself for a lawsuit. For slandering your students, as Fu Jiu’s guardian, I will sue you to the end.”

Teacher Zhang was crushed.

She didn’t expect this at all. So this was the private way that Young Master Qin was talking about?!

Her parents were both in the education system. She didn’t want to be filed because once she was filed, she would no longer be able to switch to the managing departments.

But now… A teacher, who was sued, had no possibility of being a civil servant anymore.

This time, Fu Jiu really vividly saw this god’s method of fixing people up.

So when this god said that he was going to be nice to her, he was serious.

Mm… It is so nice to be under a powerful big brother’s protection.

With this in mind, Fu Jiu raised her head up and smiled at Qin Mo.

Qin Mo didn’t have time for the young man yet; he needed to finish fixing these people up first. The Almighty wouldn’t give up on this. Since he was the biggest shareholder of the school, a meeting needed to be held to discuss such an issue.

At the very least, he needed to let a few people know that his little brother was not someone anyone could just bully.

When the school heads heard that Young Master Qin was here, they all rushed into this small grade office.

Fu Jiu looked at all those half-bald school heads, and she felt amused. She couldn’t help but bend her thin lips upwards.

Qin Mo glanced at the young man. Then he took a bag of things from his bodyguards indifferently and threw them at her.

Fu Jiu lowered her head and saw that it was a bag full of dark chocolates that were imported from France. She blissfully wolfed them down.

She understood what this god meant when he asked her to wait here as well.

Supervisor Li, who was responsible for staying with Fu Jiu, looked at those school heads in the office. He peeked at Fu Jiu secretly, lowering his voice, “Well, that, cough, Fu Jiu. Next week, the school will have a small parent-teacher conference, and the top ten students in these monthly exams will be recognized. Is Young Master Qin attending as your guardian?”

Fu Jiu had chocolate in her mouth, and she replied back carelessly, “I don’t think so.”

Supervisor Li murmured in a small voice, “But I found that Young Master Qin seems to quite enjoy being a guardian.”

Hearing that, Fu Jiu stopped chewing. She was thinking about this too.

Their eyes unintentionally met, and they both imagined Young Master Qin attending the meeting in their heads…

At last, Supervisor Li caved. “I will inform the whole grade that we are changing this parent-teacher conference to a letter form!”


Fu Jiu also thought that it would not be proper for this god, the biggest shareholder, to come to the parent-teacher conference.

Not only would all the parents be unable to talk anymore with his presence, the teachers would also be hard pressed to do so. After all, that god’s presence was so powerful that it could press down on people…