Chapter 20 - Fu Jiu’s Real Power, Cool!

Chapter 20: Fu Jiu’s Real Power, Cool!

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When that happened, it would all depend on her mood whether she returned or not…

He Honghua didn’t really pay attention to Fu Jiu’s words; she just thought that her daughter was comforting her.

But little did she know, Fu Jiu took action that very night!

“Young Master, where are you going this late at night?” Chen Xiaodong followed her worriedly. Whenever his young master was in a bad mood, he would go to clubs and get wasted.

Although Young Master didn’t say it out loud this time, who would be happy about being suspended from school?

He understood!

If Young Master went to the nightclub because of this, he wouldn’t tell Madam about it!

But to his surprise, his young master answered plainly, “Internet café.”

Internet café?

Chen Xiaodong was confused.

He saw Fu Jiu skillfully take out her ID and ask the owner to ready the machine for her. Then she put the headphones on, looking extremely handsome. “Go get some lollipops for me.”

“Hah?” Chen Xiaodong was still confused.

Fu Jiu put her wallet in his hands and turned away to switch the computer on. “Chocolate flavor and two bottles of water. I’m gonna stay here for the night.”

For the night?

In an internet café?

What did Young Master want to do here?

Chen Xiaodong was even more confused!

Fu Jiu swiftly hit the keyboard once he left.

She asked the owner to turn on the machine that charged 10 yuan per hour.

Many people wouldn’t understand, but internet cafés usually had specific computers with high specs for gaming purposes.

Having high processing power as a foundation, Fu Jiu hacked the school network in only ten seconds. All the files of the faculty showed up on her screen within a blink of an eye!

Using a search engine, she locked onto Director Zhang.

She then moved onto something else swiftly, hitting the keyboard with very skillful techniques. By using this computer as a leading machine to take advantage of the whole internet, with the addition of thousands of computers from other internet cafés all operating at the same time, her purpose was to work out a powerful virtual IP filter, all for the sake of finding the internet line of Director Zhang’s house!

Also on that day, computers in several internet cafés had coding issues!

People stood up and hit their keyboards randomly. “WTF! Owner, what the hell is happening? I can’t play games. Is there a virus?”

At first, all the owners thought it was a virus, but restarting didn’t work, so they called the technicians in!

The only computer in the internet café that was still working was Fu Jiu’s computer.

While everyone was getting mad, Fu Jiu had her headphones on. With that beautiful profile of hers and the strands of her silver hair that drooped down and covered her eyes, only her black piercing gaze shone with a cold glimmer in the dark.

Such a huge hacking mission definitely needed her to go around the security system.

Fu Jiu was still tapping the keyboard with the same dazzling flexibility. With one single hit on the enter key, Director Zhang’s internet IP was locked into her USB.

Then she hacked his phone through the internet. At last, all she needed to do was install a tiny little virus, and it was done… Bang!


Fu Jiu narrowed her eyes and pressed the distribute button. Amidst all the voices in the internet café, she put on her coat and her hat. She then stood up coolly. She didn’t forget to smile at the owner before she left. “Owner, thanks!”

The owner of the internet café didn’t have time to respond to her at all. He was still fixing the internet with his head buried in work.

Weirdly, before the technicians arrived, all the computers had started working again!

Freaking hell!

What was the matter?!