Chapter 200 - The Domineering Almighty Qin

Chapter 200 The Domineering Almighty Qin

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The school authorities now understood what it meant to have the atmosphere freeze.

Qin Mo was simply sitting on the leather chair with an indifferent expression, but what he had said directly struck their hearts.

The school authorities left with shaking hands.

From that day on, regardless of whether they were good students or poor students, the school authorities would treat them equally, paying attention to what they ought to. If any teacher looked down on them, they would be dismissed right away!

In the classroom, some unwise students had already left.

Only Xue Yaoyao was left there waiting. After all, His Highness Jiu’s school bag was still there. He would come back eventually.

She was now worried about why the physics teacher called out His Highness Jiu. Was there anything wrong with this time’s monthly exams?

Everyone who was taking part in this e-sport competition knew that this monthly exam was very important.

If there was something wrong with Fu Jiu, then what about their team…

Without His Highness Jiu’s “He Army,” there was no meaning to competing.

Xue Yaoyao thought up to this point and rose out of her seat to find Fu Jiu. She wanted to take a look at the office. Once she opened the door, however, she met the youngster’s clean and handsome face.

Xue Yaoyao’s eyes brightened. “Your Highness Jiu, are you okay? The teacher called you out…”

She stopped abruptly without finishing her sentence when she saw the man behind the youngster.

God, Almighty Qin?

Why is he here?

It was easy to see the surprise on her face.

But Fu Jiu just smiled slightly, “I’m okay. Give me my school bag.” As she said this, she stepped forward. Her left hand casually took the school bag, and she slung it over her shoulder with one hand still in her pocket. This kind of posture always looked cool.

Xue Yaoyao knew Fu Jiu’s gender, so of course, when she saw Almighty Qin, she was afraid that Fu Jiu had been found out. However, after seeing the behavior of their Highness Jiu, she knew that there was no need to be afraid.

His Highness Jiu’s charm could not be picked up by others.

Almighty Qin wouldn’t think that His Highness Jiu was a girl either.

“Let’s go, together.” Fu Jiu walked back and touched Xue Yaoyao’s head. “Brother Mo and I will send you back.”

Her head was touched by Fu Jiu! Xue Yaoyao blushed even though she knew His Highness Jiu was a girl. It was hard for her to avoid being flirted with by Fu Jiu, because Fu Jiu’s manner of speaking was really gentle.

But when she lifted her head, she encountered Almighty Qin’s cold and beautiful face. His eyes glanced at Fu Jiu’s hand, which was touching her neither hostilely nor warmly, and his thin lips seemed to curl up.

Yet Xue Yaoyao could feel the coldness in his smile. Her scalp turned numb, and she said immediately, “Your Highness Jiu, you don’t need to send me back! I agreed to get ice cream with our classmates, so I will leave first. See you later!”

Qin Mo’s eyes were so frightening.

Even more frightening than before.

Was it because His Highness Jiu touched her head?

Thinking about it, Xue Yaoyao couldn’t help but look back. However, she immediately retracted her gaze as soon as she met that godly face.

He was still too scary!

Fu Jiu looked with great puzzlement at the sight of Xue Yaoyao’s back disappearing, seeming like she was chased by a demon, and she raised her beautiful eyebrows confusedly.

Without any extra actions, Qin Mo used one hand to drag the youngster over by the back collar of his clothes, before indifferently shuffling him into the car.

Fortunately, it was already late, and there were only a few people in school. Otherwise, the students would think that the master was disciplining a naughty cat if they saw the scene where the youngster was picked up like a sack by Qin Mo.

The youngster was shoved into the rear seat of the car. This kind of action, which was clean cut and bossy, could not be called gentle.