Chapter 201 - Buying Candies Is a Trap?

Chapter 201 Buying Candies Is a Trap?

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Fu Jiu just realized this god must have drunk wine, because the moment Qin Mo got close to her, his breath blew on her face, with the light smell of the wine following. He said a strange sentence, “Even the best phone, once taken by your hand, is just a decoration.”

Fu Jiu just said, “Hm?” with a slightly puzzled expression.

Originally, Qin Mo had prepared a way to discipline the youngster. After seeing Fu Jiu’s face, his resolve became much weaker.

He was an enlightened older brother.

This youngster mostly needed to be cared for during the rebellious period of his adolescence.

Obviously, blaming the youngster for his faults again today was not suitable.

Thinking of this, Qin Mo retracted his gaze and commanded the driver, “To the Milky Way SOHO.”

The Milky Way SOHO?

The mall?

What were they going to do there?

Fu Jiu could not catch up with this man’s train of thought even a little bit.

Did this god want to take her to go shopping?

When did this god’s hobbies start to change to include shopping?

Fu Jiu arrived at the Milky Way SOHO with a tummy full of doubt.

The two similarly handsome people appeared together in the mall. Arriving in such a place, as usual they attracted attention all around them with their unexpected popularity.

One of those two boys especially liked to smile very much. When he looked back at the girls who took photos of him, he always squinted his eyes and curved his thin lips upwards.

So handsome!

Not only this, but most importantly… in the eyes of the fujoshi, the scene where the man with a beautiful side profile pulled the youngster’s wrist along alone was enough to make them mentally picture countless scenes.

Qin Mo had already gotten accustomed to the screaming, so he didn’t think any further about what those fujoshi were actually screaming for anymore.

Fu Jiu actually heard it, however. She pointed at herself before pointing at Qin Mo while she mouthed, “Do we really match?”

“Really match!” The girls were so thrilled.

Fu Jiu thought it was interesting as she looked at the ends of the man’s black hair with a smile on the corner of her mouth. If this god discovered that others treated him like he was gay, his expression would definitely be funny!

Qin Mo stopped at a shop that specialized in selling candy. Dressed in a straight suit, he obviously looked out of place.

The clerk, who was greeting guests, froze for a moment, then started to smile again, “May I ask this gentleman what you want?”

Hearing the clerk’s words, some of the little children in the shop looked directly at the side of Almighty Qin’s face with their round eyes. Their big eyes were full of childlike curiosity.

“It’s an adult.”

“Did the adult also come to buy candy?”

“Maybe he’s buying them for his baby.”

“Hum! He must be! Hey, another little friend is going to be hit by the sugar-coated bullets of an adult. Just like me, once I become disobedient now, my father says that he will tell my mother that I ate candies. At first, he actually bought candies for me, and he also let me not tell my mother. He said these were all secrets between men. As a result… I fell into a trap.”

“Me too! Who do you think the older brother wants to trap?”

Discussion among little children was always cute. Plus, it was the first time that they had seen such an indifferent older brother like Qin Mo who would buy candies, so they all couldn’t help but look at this scene curiously.

“Too bad!” The little children retracted their heads. “That handsome older brother who he was dragging along in his hand heard us!”

Fu Jiu: “… “You were talking so loudly that it was really difficult not to hear you guys.

The clerk listened and felt very embarrassed, so she planned to ask one more time, “Sir…”

Qin Mo’s voice was very light, sounding devoid of emotions, “Chocolate lollipops. All of them.”