Chapter 202 - The Bossy Almighty Qin

Chapter 202: The Bossy Almighty Qin

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“Lollipop? Is it for the kids at home?” the shop assistant asked with a smile on her face.

Fu Jiu could tell from this god’s tone that he was buying it for her, but when she was just about to say no, a cold and magnetic voice drifted over with a trace of leisurely nobility, “Yes, I’m buying it for the kids at home.”

The Almighty was absolutely doing it on purpose. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have looked at her when he said the word “kid.”

The shop assistant had seen a number of adults who bought candy for their children, but she rarely saw men as young as the two men in front of her, so she specifically asked, “Sir, may I ask how old the kid at your home is? We have to properly select the candy depending on his or her age, especially now that you have chosen the chocolate flavor. It is not quite suitable for children who are too young.”


After Qin Mo blurted out the age, it wasn’t just the shop assistant, but also the children in the shop who were all surprised. They asked with their eyes wide open in shock, “Seventeen? How old is that?”

“I’m three years old this year, one three is three, two threes is six, three threes is nine, four threes… four threes is…” One radish head counted on his fingers and became anxious, his face flushing. His feet stomped at the ground, and at last, he asked, “What should I do when my fingers are insufficient to count four threes?”

It was indeed insufficient to count four threes with two hands, and it was really hard work for the kid…

The shop assistant cleared her throat with difficulty, and as if confirming one final time, she asked, “Sir, was it seventeen that you said? Not seven?”

“Hm,” Qin Mo replied as he pushed the youngster forward. With his thin lips curved up, he said, “Although his habit of eating candy is as childish as that of a seven year old, his face is really seventeen.”

Fu Jiu: “…” She was sure that this god came to buy candy in order to more vividly deliver poisonous words to her.

Seeing the behavior of the man, the shop assistant realized that he was buying this candy for the youngster. She paused and then smiled apologetically, “Wait a minute, I’ll pack up the candy for you.”

Hearing that!

The radish head had his head down, and as if he were in an important meeting, he said in a deep tone, “Did you see that? The big brother is buying candies for the beautiful brother by his side!”

“Yeah! I see it! I think it must be a routine! Absolutely a routine!”

“Should we tell the beautiful brother not to accept the candies?”

“Maybe that’s not right. It seems like the beautiful brother is very eager to have the candies. I can understand him; once I run out of candies to eat and my expression was just like his.”

Fu Jiu: “…” What was wrong with her expression? Wasn’t it handsome as before?

Besides, the kids over there, could you lower your voices down a bit while you’re whispering?

However… it was really a very happy thing to have a large bag of lollipops.

And this brand of chocolate was very pure, and it would usually produce a wonderful taste once it was mixed with the candy.

After Qin Mo had paid for the lollipops, Fu Jiu unwrapped one and put it into her mouth. The lollipop formed a contrast with her beautiful silver hair and the perfect angle of her nose, so she looked much cuter.

Qin Mo held his wallet in his hand and looked at the teenager by his side. He patted the fluffy head of the youngster with satisfaction and said with an indifferent look as before, “You did a good job this time on your test, but if I see you touch the head of anybody again, not only will these lollipops be thrown into the dustbin, no one in Jiang City will sell you any more lollipops afterwards, understand?”

Fu Jiu: “…”