Chapter 203 - Almighty Takes Fu Jiu to Buy Undies...

Chapter 203: Almighty Takes Fu Jiu to Buy Undies…

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“I told you it was a trap!”

“That big brother is even harsher than my dad. He didn’t buy candies for that pretty big brother, so scary!”

“The pretty brother must be so miserable being his little baby!”

“True, poor pretty big brother!”

The little turnip heads[1] all nodded.

The shop assistant heard all this and was about to have a heart attack from the embarrassment.

Fu Jiu took the candy, and with the support of the other hand, she jumped inside the shop. That gesture was really handsome, and as she stood on her long legs, she winked at one of the girls, bent over, and said gently, “I’m telling you a secret—that big brother is drunk. I did all that just to make him happy. And by the way, I’m too old to be his little baby!”

“He drank?” The little turnip heads all gathered again and looked at Almighty Qin as if he weren’t human.

Qin Mo lifted his eyebrows. He didn’t hear what Fu Jiu said, but he knew the young man was playing some kind of trick, and he dragged “him” over with his left hand.

That shop assistant’s mouth was wide open throughout the whole process, but what surprised her was the silver-haired young man’s movements! He was so handsome!

Is he a policeman or something?

“You’re not even letting kids escape from your clutches, really?” Qin Mo sounded cold as he addressed that flirtatious guy.

Fu Jiu humphed, “Brother Mo, don’t you find those little turnip heads so adorable?”

Qin Mo didn’t say anything. He only turned his godlike, beautiful face away and went upstairs with the young man.

At first, Fu Jiu thought that this god just took her to a normal floor.

The second floor… was the kids’ section.

The third floor was much more trendy, and all the big brands were there. It’s just… out of all the brands, why did this god go shopping at CK?!

It was all underwear, and it was too spicy for her eyes to look at…

“Go pick two.” Qin Mo raised his eyebrows at Fu Jiu, looking very sullen.

Fu Jiu: “…” I’m a girl, what would I need men’s underwear for!

“There’s no need for this.” Fu Jiu held the candies in her hands up in a handsome gesture. “This lovely treat is enough for me.”

Almighty Qin would no longer be Almighty Qin if he could accept rejection.

“Go pick. Don’t always dress yourself in a feminine way; you’re always in white.”

Fu Jiu: “…” Was this god attacking her “inner” side instead of attacking her exam scores now?

“What’s wrong with white?” Fu Jiu thought it was a cool color, and that this neat freak god would be more receptive towards it.

Qin Mo looked aside and glanced at young man. “On a psychological level, only the ones that are on the bottom would wear white.”

Fu Jiu: “…”

The shop assistant was hesitant to speak up under such circumstances.

Qin Mo already raised his long and fair fingers up. He pointed at the black underwear hanging on the far right. “I want one in that style…” After talking up to this point, he turned and looked at Fu Jiu, before curling his thin lips upwards mockingly. “Give him the smallest size.”

“Yes, sir.” The shop assistant could finally have a normal conversation and quickly turned back to pack the merchandise.

Fu Jiu felt that the way this god looked at her was an utter insult to humankind!

“I’m a medium.”

The shop assistant turned back and saw the young man smile at her gently. “Please get me a medium-sized one.”

“But…” This shop assistant didn’t know who she should listen to anymore.

Qin Mo’s facial expression was quite indifferent, and he didn’t say more.

The shop assistant saw the situation and tilted her head towards the young man naturally. “Sure. Just a second.”

Fu Jiu nodded with a smile on, and she conveniently put her arm on that man’s shoulder. She inched her face towards his and said slowly with her voice down, “Brother Mo, I’m really not as small as you would think I am…”

[1] young kids