Chapter 204 - The Good Looking Pair

Chapter 204: The Good Looking Pair

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Qin Mo stood like a tall and straight jade statue. He allowed the young man to flirt right next to his ear, and he still looked regal yet dignified and cold in his expensive suit.

The two girls who were standing outside blushed. They really wanted to take pictures of those two wrapping their arms around each other.

Especially that young man who stood on his toes. With the way “he” laughed lightly next that that man’s ear, pink bubbles were appearing everywhere. He was so good looking that it made people’s hearts race!

But just as they put their phones up, the other man suddenly took action. He directly twisted the young man’s wrist and pressed him against the wall of the fitting room. He bent his big body over, and his waistline created a pretty arc. He then said in a low and deep voice, “Want to prove that you are not small? Get inside, take your pants off, and let Big Brother measure it for you.”

She simply didn’t have it, so how could she have it measured? Fu Jiu suddenly felt like she was in big danger. How could she forget that Almighty Qin drank today and that she shouldn’t flirt with him?

“Brother Mo, my bad.” It was time to retreat in order to advance. “I shouldn’t have blown into your ear.”

Qin Mo lifted his eyebrows, looked at young man’s semi-frustrated face, and loosened his hand at last. His voice was indifferent as he relented, “Good that you know.”

The shop assistant cleared her voice. “Sir, I’ve wrapped your underwear. Is anything else that I can do for you?”

“Same style, big size,” Qin Mo said before looking at Fu Jiu as if he was mocking her, as if he wanted to say, You’re just a medium, you think that’s not small?

Fu Jiu understood that look and felt a bit awkward. This would only make her subconsciously think about that god’s certain area. It was really embarrassing.

Fu Jiu was trying to hide this issue inside her heart, and when this god asked her what she wanted, she pointed without looking to a… weird style… When did CK start selling this kind of underwear?! There was a black kitten tail on it!

Qin Mo noticed the underwear that the young man was pointing at, and his eyes paused. He sounded sullen, “I really didn’t know that this was your type, but I can’t get you this one. It will affect your growth. It’s not good to wear tight underwear, not to mention this kind of…”

After talking up to this point, Qin Mo frowned as if he were trying to find a suitable word. After a long pause, he finally followed his heart and continued, “Perverted style.”

The shop assistant laughed, but she tried her best to cover her lips to show respect to her clients.

Fu Jiu was now really frustrated over shopping with this god and losing all her reputation. She wasn’t really looking just now when she arbitrarily pointed at it.

But the shop assistant didn’t think that way. When she handed the shopping bag to Fu Jiu, she lowered her voice as she said gently, “I get you, handsome. Come get it next time when you are alone, and I will give you 10% off just because you are so handsome.”

Fu Jiu: “…” I really don’t want this kind of discount…

Fu Jiu thought that she would continue to be frustrated throughout this shopping experience with this god, but to her surprise, this god’s attitude took a complete 180 degrees. He pointed at a white sweater and asked Fu Jiu to try it on.

Fu Jiu thought that the sweater wasn’t so bad, and it was going to be winter soon. The most important thing was to be warm, so she didn’t refuse.

And of course, she locked the door to the fitting room.

With her previous experience, Fu Jiu paid more attention to such things.

The young man was trying on that sweater in the fitting room, and the man was waiting on the sofa outside. There was a fashion magazine resting on his long legs. It was really hard not to overthink things with such a harmoniously loving scene…