Chapter 205 - Brother Wear, or Couple Wear?

Chapter 205: Brother Wear, or Couple Wear?

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The texture and material of that sweater were very high-quality. One could feel how soft it was just by looking at it, let alone wearing it. It was just so warm and comfortable.

That snow white color would be wasted on other people.

But on Fu Jiu, it made the young man’s snow-like skin and black eyes more beautiful.

With her short silver hair, the black earring on her porcelain white left ear, and her simple smile with her eyes curved upwards, all the sales ladies standing to the side melted. “So handsome!”

Well, people wouldn’t know how handsome Fu Jiu was and how great she looked in white until they saw her.

She was born with a model’s body, and even Korean-style clothing wouldn’t look baggy on her. The sweater was collarless, and her fair skinned collar-bones were showing, but Fu Jiu still had an aura of wicked, bloodthirsty coolness. Showing parts of her body made people’s hearts beat irregularly.

Qin Mo, who was sitting on the sofa, turned his head towards her once he heard the squealing voices. After he saw the young man who was fixing “his” hair with “his” left hand, Qin Mo’s eyes deepened uncontrollably.

Then, he stood up and walked over towards Fu Jiu. He moved his long fingers and smoothed the young man’s messy silver hair down for “him.”

Fu Jiu looked up and their eyes met. She smiled at Qin Mo so brightly it was like the gleam of light given off by the first melted winter snow.

You could feel that warmth vividly on your fingertips.

Qin Mo curled the corner of his mouth up, and the girls standing to the side held their faces in their hands in a silly way one after another as if they were all in love…

“How is it possible that such handsome people exist in this world? And the two of them even make a handsome couple!”

“Did you all just see it? When that handsome man fixed the young man’s hair, man, my heart melted! His smile was so soft! It was so different from just now!”

“Stop, my HP is about to be sucked dry now!”

The saleslady had worked at the store for a long time, and she knew exactly what to say in this situation. “In fact, we have a bigger size for this sweater as well. It’s very suitable for brothers to wear together. Sir, do you want me to get you another one?”

Hearing this, Qin Mo raised his beautiful eyebrows. He thought about his previous conversation with Boss Li. The young man was in the rebellious phase of his adolescence and thus needed more attention. Matching brother outfits wasn’t in his plan, but he figured it might be a good way to strengthen their brotherly bond.


Fu Jiu was a bit surprised to hear this word from Qin Mo. After all, someone like this god usually wore suits or uniforms, all in similar colors. She had never thought that he would accept white.

In contrast to Fu Jiu’s appearance, Qin Mo looked different in that sweater. Although it also gave off a handsome effect, Almighty Qin had a cold, regal aura that warned people to keep their distance. With that oversized sleeve design, the sweater made him look even more like vampire royalty. Just looking at him made the women go crazy for him.

But when the young man was standing next to him, girls would sleep on that thought.

Compared to getting the man, that handsome pair standing together sweetened their hearts more.

Two extraordinary men were wearing the same clothes. Not long after, they attracted all the girls’ attention and created a stir.

Luckily, Almighty Qin reacted quickly, and he didn’t give the media any chances to take pictures of them.

Just when Secretary Liang, who was waiting in the car as he was ordered to, saw the two of them, he fell into total shock!

Am-am I really seeing this?

Couple… Couple wear?!

Young Master, what should I tell Boss and Madam when you’re being like this! You tell me!