Chapter 206 - The Online Gaming Contest Is Coming!

Chapter 206: The Online Gaming Contest Is Coming!

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Qin Mo obviously noticed Secretary Liang’s look, and he glanced at him indifferently with extremely cold eyes!

Secretary Liang quivered, and he swallowed his questions back down with difficulty. He stared at those dazzling white sweaters through the rearview mirror.

There was a gaming contest interview coming up soon. If CEO Qin showed up dressed like this, it would attract a lot of attention from the media. After all, CEO Qin never wore anything like this in public.

Fu Jiu was hungry after shopping for so long, and Qin Mo heard the noise from the young man’s belly. He asked the people to get a pile of food, and it was all thrown into the young man’s arms. “Just pick whatever you want to eat.”

Fu Jiu wasn’t a picky eater, and she loved meat the most, so she took a Burger King Chicken Burger and quickly took a big bite.

A burger and Coke was like bread and butter.

The cheeks on Fu Jiu’s handsome face bulged out with that mouthful of food.

Qin Mo frowned.

Secretary Liang thought that he was going to tell the young man not to eat in the car and to wait until they were home or something, because CEO Qin was a neat freak, as everyone in Jiang City knew.

But to his utter surprise, CEO didn’t say anything. Instead, he took some tissues and wiped the corner of the young man’s mouth despite the dirtiness. “Go to Fu residence first.”

“Yes, Young Master.” The driver heard Qin Mo and made a U-turn.

Fu Jiu lifted the ends of her eyes and glanced over at that man who was dealing with the files on the side. She thought that the Almighty hadn’t eaten anything yet, so she pulled out a French fry and put it to his lips.

Qin Mo never ate any junk food, but the young man was in the rebellious phase of “his” adolescence now. It was better not to reject “him.”

He opened his mouth and ate it in one big bite.

It didn’t taste bad, actually, and he allowed the young man to do whatever “he” wanted.

Secretary Liang felt like he was under attack the entire time until they took Young Master Fu home safely…

Their CEO warned Fu Jiu with his low voice, and his eyes were deep and attractive. “Don’t flirt everywhere, just rest for the day. The gaming contest is in two days, and I will be on the rooftop of Qin Corporation’s building. I’ll be waiting for you with my uniform on, got it?”

“Copy that!”

This was the first time Fu Jiu answered Qin Mo’s words properly. Even she felt so excited about teaming up with Almighty Qin. It was so exhilarating that it made people’s blood boil.

Secretary Liang was still confused, and he couldn’t help but look back as he said to himself, That’s really not how one educates his little brother, CEO…

After the Hummer had left, Fu Jiu walked insto the villa.

He Honghua was sitting inside. She still didn’t know Fu Jiu’s scores yet.

She looked at the web enrollment page again. She thought that if things really weren’t going to work out, she could always resign from the contest.

He Honghua knew Fu Jiu’s scores very well. She could pass all the other subjects, but she could only receive 10-point scores in physics every time.

She never attended school, so she didn’t know anything about physics either.

If this name list really showed up on the contest day, and Fu Jiu couldn’t attend because of her scores, Fu Jiu would be more traumatized then.

He Honghua had wished before that her kid could have better scores, but what she believed in more was that life was short. Fu Jiu was acting so nicely now, so she should let her do whatever made her happy.

To her surprise, the phone rang as He Honghua was still deciding, and the call was from the school. “Hello, it this Ms. He?”

“Yes, it’s me.”

“There’s no need to be nervous. I’m calling to inform you of some wonderful news. Fu Jiu had significant progress during this time’s monthly exams. ‘His’ overall score ranked first in the whole grade, and I have received ‘his’ request to participate in the gaming contest. The school has approved it already. Ms. He, are you giving your permission for him to participate?”