Chapter 208 - Fu Jiu Is Allowed to Attend the Gaming Contest

Chapter 208: Fu Jiu Is Allowed to Attend the Gaming Contest

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Fu Jiu sat on the sofa. She was still in her school uniform and she had one hand casually resting on the sofa arm, looking thoroughly handsome and cunning. “Who told you I was worried about letting my mum know about my results?”

Chen Xiaodong’s eyes brightened up after hearing that. “Could it be that Young Master has improved by one place? That’s a miracle!”

“What do you mean improved by one place?” He Honghua walked in. Her face was chubby, and she couldn’t hide the joy in her eyes. “Our Fu Jiu is first in the entire grade!”

First… In the entire grade?!

Chen Xiaodong turned petrified.

So that person, who got full scores in five subjects, the person everyone was talking fervently about in school, is my young master?!

What exactly did he eat to suddenly become so excellent?

Is it because of… Young Master Qin?

So it is true that love is the most powerful thing in the world!

He didn’t use to believe in such a thing, but now, after seeing his young master, he completely believed in it.

That young master, who had never touched a computer in the past, would now lock himself up for an entire day just to play games.

Not only that, there were still those physics questions! Young Master had never been this obedient about studying diligently!

These changes were all because of Young Master Qin!

Seeing how happy his Madam was, he could only keep this secret hidden away inside of him…

He Honghua wasn’t thinking about this at all. “Jiu, I saw your name on the enrollment list. Where did you find all your teammates? Can they really play?”

“Hell yeah, they can play,” Fu Jiu laughed lightly, “Mum, just leave the contest matters to me. All you need to do is rest at home.”

He Honghua believed that Fu Jiu definitely had a different definition of “playing games well” than her’s. In her definition, a professional should at least be a master level player even if he was not a league member.

But, as long as Fu Jiu was happy, she would let her do it. He Honghua’s biggest wish was that her child would be happy no matter what she did…

At this time, inside a hotel to the west of the city, Fu Zhongyi was building up the momentum for Fu Ximing to succeed, and he had even thrown a small drinking party for him.

Aside from the business partners of the Fu family and some school heads who were present, Fu Ximing’s teammates and friends were there as well. This way, the media would naturally follow their trail and come.

“Young Master Fu, we heard that you have full confidence in this gaming contest?” The reporter was smiling as he interviewed Fu Ximing. One could tell that he was there to place Fu Ximing on a pedestal.

Fu Ximing was wearing a pure white suit, and that small face of his had a unique sense of arrogance. “Of course, I believe in my skills, but I believe in my team more. The electronic gaming contest is just an elementary contest, so we will surely win!”

“I believe this too!” The reporter spoke zealously. “This time, Fu Corporation recruited quite a few masters into the team. Even Young Master Fu yourself is a famous Almighty in the gaming world. As for the names, I can’t announce them now. No matter what, this is going to be a great gaming contest that is worth the wait!”

This industry was just like this. Not only did people need to be talented and skilled, they also needed to know how to brand themselves and make a buzz.

Fu Ximing was influenced by his mother and learned the whole range of tricks required.

Fu Zhongyi looked at his youngest son, who had made him proud. He could not help but greet everyone joyfully, beaming as though he were the king of the world.

Then a school head from No.1 Middle School also came over.

Fu Zhongyi respected cultured people the most, and he quickly brought Fu Ximing with him to welcome him.