Chapter 209 - Slapping Fu Ximing’s Face

Chapter 209: Slapping Fu Ximing’s Face

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The school head treated Fu Zhongyi very politely. He smiled and said, “Boss Fu raised your child well. His exam scores this time are very impressive. The school was going to have a parent meeting, but in order to not affect our students’ studies, we canceled it. But Boss Fu, when you have time, you really should come to our school and deliver some speeches sharing with us how you managed to educate and raise your kids so well.”

Fu Zhongyi heard what he said and thought the school head was talking about his youngest son. He became even prouder, but he still said modestly, “No, no, no, it’s all just Ximing himself. He was a great kid ever since he was little, both in gaming and studying. I was never worried **** about anything. He’s such a capable kid, even bringing glory and giving his dad face.”

Unexpectedly, that school head paused when he heard this. Sounding quite embarrassed, he said, “Well, Boss Fu, I was actually talking about your oldest son Fu Jiu.”

“Him?!” Fu Zhongyi’s face turned blank. After all, he had never expected that the other party was talking about that useless rubbish.

After Fu Ximing heard this name, he wanted to take his bones out. He stood there and laughed disdainfully, “So Director is actually talking about my amazing big brother? It looks like he finally grew up and learned how to study hard. He must have gotten great scores this time since Director is praising him like that. Did he get into the bottom 20 maybe?”

“The scores will be announced tomorrow, and your big brother is way stronger than you think he is.” That director’s face changed when he talked about Fu Jiu. “I have never encountered such a smart student in my entire career; he had full scores for five subjects. I was the proctor during his English test, and he finished the paper within an hour. That English essay was so beautifully written. As the first in the whole grade, his records are only below what Young Master Qin’s were back in the day. Boss Fu, your oldest son is really low-key, or he would have been the star of the entire school. Even my daughter who is in middle school is a fan of his, and she asks me to take her to meet this new school hunk at No.1 Middle School every single day. I really don’t know how these kids managed to get Fu Jiu’s pictures, but they all look up to him and want to be like him–not only to have good looks, but also to have a good personality. You know what, after making Fu Jiu her idol, my daughter became so much more thoughtful. So this is the legendary idol power that people are always talking about nowadays, hahaha…”

That director was a straightforward person. He laughed happily at the end of his speech, and he didn’t notice that when he had finished, both Fu Zhongyi and Fu Ximing looked so awful after hearing all of that that their faces turned green.

Especially Fu Ximing. His fingers tightened, and his nails pierced into his palms with great force.

The director’s speech made him feel like someone had just firmly slapped him in the face. He acutely felt those spicy burns and vivid insults.

First in the whole grade?

That scum?

How is that possible?

Idol power?

He knew better than anyone else what a pervert that guy actually was. He was a man, but he couldn’t take his eyes off those taller, stronger men that he met, and he only knew how to show off his money.

What did such a scum have to be the star of the school?

Fu Ximing narrowed his eyes. Just wait until after the contest–when his mother destroys He Honghua’s sh*tty company, then he would show his hand to fix that eyeless rubbish as well!

The next day, the big poster was hung high up in the school, and all the students at No.1 Middle School gathered around.

Those who had mocked Fu Jiu on the exam day were among them…