Chapter 21 - CEO Qin, Found Spade Z! (Love and Hate)

Chapter 21: CEO Qin, Found Spade Z! (Love and Hate)

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“Young Master, why did you come out already?” Chen Xiaodong had just finished buying the stuff she needed when he saw Fu Jiu leaving. “Didn’t you say you were gonna be here the whole night?”

Fu Jiu was playing around with the USB in her hand. “No need, time to go home.”

Chen Xiaodong blinked and said in a serious tone, “Young Master, why do I have a nagging feeling that you asked me to go away on purpose?”

Hearing that, Fu Jiu turned back and looked at him. She curled up her thin lips as she said, “I actually thought you were dumb!”

Chen Xiaodong: “…” What good could she get by belittling him like this?

“C’mon, I will treat you to a bowl of noodles. Didn’t you say you were hungry?” Fu Jiu hooked her right arm around his neck and pulled him in.

Chen Xiaodong felt that he was a target of her flirtation, and he looked at his young master in a dead serious manner. “Young Master!”

“Yeah?” Fu Jiu lifted her eyebrow.

Chen Xiaodong’s whole face was serious. “Young Master, no matter how nicely you treat me, I won’t turn gay for you. So Young Master, save your tricks, I won’t change!”

Fu Jiu: “…”

“Change? Who? You?”

Chen Xiaodong gave out a long sigh. “I get it, it’s easy to become attracted because we spend so much time together. Plus, Young Master just had that incident. It’s totally normal to have such thoughts!”

“What thoughts?” Fu Jiu put her arms across her chest and let him continue.

Although Chen Xiaodong felt a shudder, he decided to spill the beans anyway for the sake of his dignity. “Ahem! Thoughts of sleeping with a man!”

Fu Jiu laughed out loud and pulled him in again. “Ah, Xiaodong.”

“Young Master, we can talk, just don’t get all intimate!” Chen Xiaodong blushed. After all, his young master was too handsome!

Fu Jiu looked down at him. “Even if I want to sleep with a man, do you really think I would choose someone shorter than me?”

Chen Xiaodong: ” … ” Another critical blow from nowhere!

Chen Xiaodong’s height had always been a sore point for him!

But this also proved that Young Master did want to sleep with a man!

Chen Xiaodong thought about what Fu Jiu had said before, and his little heart quivered!

Young Master wanted to sleep with Young Master Qin!

If Madam got wind of this, she would probably suffer from insomnia once again.

In fact, the person who got no sleep at all was Qin Mo. He was sitting beside the ceiling-to-floor window. Behind him was the night view of the entire city. In front of him were three Alien laptops with top specifications, which cost around 200,000 RMB in total.

The cat-like young man, COCO, was sitting close to Qin Mo. He was still holding that fluffy rabbit, and he had just finished live streaming. He was not sure if it was better for him to leave or to stay.

Because Qin Mo didn’t say anything, nobody dared to leave on their own.

COCO thought about it and decided to remind Qin Mo. “Captain, it’s 11 o’clock already. I think Spade Z knows that we are looking for him, so he’s not going to show up online. So Captain, maybe we should get some sleep first?”

Qin Mo stared at the game page. It was showing that Spade Z had already accepted his friend request.

If he was scared of Qin Mo, why would he accept the request?

Qin Mo squeezed the cigarette in his hand violently and coldly on the ashtray. He only said one word: “Wait.”

The icy voice was so cold it made COCO shrink his neck. Quiveringly, he shied back.

He knew clearly that this was the first time a privileged son of god like his captain had been tricked and it was also the first time he had been hugged by someone…

Now, he probably wanted to kill someone.

Just let him be…

That Spade Z was really ballsy, tricking his captain like this. And yet he still dared to accept the friend request.

Did he want to force his captain to kill him?

“CEO Qin! Found it!” Fatty ran inside from another room in a hurry. With excitement on his face, he said, “Spade Z! It must be him!”