Chapter 212 - Fu Jiu, the Handsome Captain

Chapter 212: Fu Jiu, the Handsome Captain

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This reminded Yin Wuyao of the days when he first started playing <Hero>.

At that time, people weren’t as appreciative towards online game players.

It was completely unlike now, where once a godly figure emerged, he would be idolized everywhere.

Just six years ago, most people considered anyone related to online gaming to be not serious about his life.

Online gaming contests weren’t welcome in Huaxia.

No matter if they were relatives or schoolmates, whenever they talked about people who worked in the gaming industry, subtle disdain would show up on their faces first.

“Make money by playing online games?”

“Wasting money is more like it.”

“These kinds of people who are lazy and have no goals in life won’t succeed in the future…”

Yin Wuyao sat on the railing outside of the internet café. He tilted his head and lit a cigarette.

Even he didn’t know why he still thought about those things that seemed so far away already.

So many people had said that he was being unrealistic, but had he gritted his teeth through it all despite the difficulties. He had thought that one day, he would prove to everyone that what he was doing was called eSports, not just playing games.

Finally, he became one of the professional players.

He thought that it was finally his chance to shine.

However, in the short time span of half a year …

Within just half a year, all his passion for this career was devoured.

Gaming contests weren’t just about playing games well and becoming popular afterwards.

You needed to do publicity, you needed a supportive manager, you needed to constantly compete with your peers, and your best teammates might turn their backs on you at any moment just to get more fans…

Yin Wuyao extinguished his cigarette as he thought about this. Just as he was about to go inside, his phone screen lit up.

It was a message from their team’s WeChat group.

Triple Nine Lollipop: “Asleep? Come out and gather this instant, this captain has gifts for everyone.”

“You’re such a kid, you high school kid,” Yin Wuyao harrumphed, but he still smiled. He lit another cigarette and put his hat on, heading out to the address that was sent in the group chat.

At night, there weren’t many cars on the streets, especially in a place like Jiang City. The colder it was, the fewer the people who were outside.

However, he was not sure of the reason, but his chest and hands were all burning hot.

Feng Shang put his coat on and went out. Xue Yaoyao headed out at the same time.

At that moment, no matter how cold and dark it was outside, all their eyes lit up.

That young man, who was waiting in the empty square on Chang An Ave., was the very element that had motivated all of them.

That tall figure of hers stood straight like a jade statue.

Her black leather jacket and her silver hair matched perfectly. She was half-leaning on a black Land Rover on the side of the road.

It was over 11 p.m. at that time, and there were much fewer cars on Chang An Ave., so the sound of people gasping for breath could be clearly heard as they ran.

Xue Yaoyao took the last bus; Feng Shang drove; Yin Wuyao came in a taxi.

The three of them came from three different directions: east, south, and north.

Maybe it was because they were all running too fast, or maybe it was because of that man’s glowing figure under the night sky, but their heartbeats were speeding up.

They knew that this certain feeling could be obtained from more than just falling in love or badly missing someone.

Just like now. When they saw their teammates, they were extremely thrilled the moment they exchanged glances!

Fu Jiu smiled too. She walked to the back of her car and raised her hand. The truck and the headlights turned on at the same time, and under the blinding light, all the rose petals which were stuffed in the truck flooded out at once, like a scene that could usually only be seen in a romantic cartoon.

Both Xue Yaoyao and Feng Shang were completely stunned at the sight.

That was probably the most beautiful scene that they had ever seen in their lives.

Rose petals were floating around in the night sky, and the young man pulled something out from the truck. He put those black and white jackets on his arms, and he slowly walked towards the three of them. He hooked his thin lips upwards. “How can the noble He Family Corps go without team uniforms? Put them on and see if they fit.”